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Twitter Hiring: Will Twitter be the New LinkedIn?

Twitter is reportedly making strides into the professional territory of LinkedIn, as it plans to introduce a new tool that allows verified businesses to post job advertisements on its platform.

Though the social media giant has made no official public announcement, some verified users claim access to this upcoming feature. The tool, aptly named ‘Twitter Hiring,’ will showcase job listings below the company’s Twitter bio, directing interested candidates to the respective website for more information and the application process.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Twitter has established a dedicated account with the username @TwitterHiring, specifically for this purpose. However, as of now, the account remains inactive without any posts. Twitter is just about to set up a competition for LinkedIn, reported Mint.

The revelation of the ‘Twitter Hiring’ feature came from Nima Owji, an app researcher, who shared an image describing its functionality on the platform. As per the available details, Twitter primarily targets verified companies with this tool, enabling them to attract potential candidates for their job openings.

Twitter Hiring Twitter like LinkedIn

Each verified firm will have the capacity to add up to five job posts to its Twitter profile. To utilize this feature, businesses must link a supported applicant tracking system or XML feed to incorporate their job listings on social media easily.

Interestingly, in May, billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, hinted at the possibility of introducing job listings on the platform following a user’s suggestion for implementing dating features. In response, Musk said, “Interesting idea. Maybe jobs too.”

WorkWeek, a content creation company, has taken the plunge and started using the new ‘Twitter Hiring’ feature. Its CEO, Adam Ryan, humorously tweeted a screenshot of the job listings, directing a light-hearted jab toward Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter competitor, Threads.

As for the launch timeline and wider availability of the tool, there is a shroud of secrecy surrounding it. Nevertheless, Twitter is deliberately moving towards diversifying its market and offerings, aiming to attract more business users, particularly in the recruitment sector.

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