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Twitter Users will Need to be Verified to Use TweetDeck

According to a recent tweet, Twitter has announced that users will soon be required to verify their accounts to use TweetDeck. The updated version of TweetDeck has been launched, and the new policy will go into effect after 30 days. Read more.

The tweet also highlighted the enhanced features of TweetDeck, such as full composer functionality, support for spaces, video docking, and polls. Whether Twitter will charge users for TweetDeck’s old and new versions remains unclear. Requests for comment from Twitter regarding this matter have yet to be answered.

The potential introduction of charges for TweetDeck, which was previously free and widely used by businesses and news organizations for content monitoring, could provide a financial boost for Twitter.

The social media platform has faced challenges in retaining advertising revenue since billionaire Elon Musk took ownership. Musk recently stirred controversy by announcing that the platform would limit the number of tweets users could read daily, with non-subscribers limited to 1,000 tweets.

The decision aimed to restrict third-party access to Twitter’s data, particularly companies utilizing artificial intelligence models. However, the announcement received significant backlash from Twitter users and raised concerns among advertising experts about the leadership of new CEO Linda Yaccarino.

Twitter Users will Need to be Verified to Use TweetDeck

Individuals seeking account verification must pay $8 monthly, while organizations will be charged $1,000 monthly. Following this update, many users, including, experienced issues with TweetDeck, as empty columns were displayed with a loading wheel.

In a separate development, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is launching a new app called “Threads.” Positioned as a competitor to Twitter, the app is available for pre-order on iPhone and Android app stores. Listed as “Threads, an Instagram app,” it will be officially released in the coming days.

The app is a text-based conversation platform where communities can discuss various topics. Meta’s move to introduce Threads comes amid Twitter’s period of uncertainty since Elon Musk’s involvement, which involved company restructuring, staff layoffs, and the implementation of subscription paywalls for certain features.

Meta announced its plans to develop a new social network to rival Twitter in March. Threads will enable users to connect directly with their favorite creators and like-minded individuals, fostering a loyal following to share ideas, opinions, and creativity in real-time. Meta expressed its vision for a decentralized, independent social network focused on real-time written messaging.

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