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Discounted disney gift cards Discounted disney gift cards


Where can you buy Disney gift cards



Like many other places, Disney uses gift cards available for anyone to buy. With them, you can purchase their merchandise, different kinds of products all over the Disney shops, or even pay for a meal in the Disney World amusement park.

Whether you need them for yourself or for someone else, I’m sure you’ve wondered ’Where can I get a Disney gift card?’. Today, I’m here to help you with that. Here are a few places where you can get your hands on one of Disney’s gift cards.

  • Shops inside Disney World

If you’re ever on a trip to Disney World and would like to buy someone back home a gift or souvenir but you’re not sure what, get them a gift card! Not only are they mostly cheap, but they’re very useful, especially if the one you’re planning to give them to will visit Disney.

  • Supermarkets

Almost all supermarkets in the US sell Disney cards. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, CVS and many others! Although, you’d have to go there in person and buy one since aside from Sam’s Club, the other stores do not sell gift cards online. If you’re lucky, you might also catch a discount on these cards, helping you save more money.

  • Through the internet

If you’re ever in a rush for a quick gift, or simply don’t have the mood to go to your local store and buy a gift card, Disney has a feature were you can simply buy them online! You can either get them from their website, or on a store’s website that has them available, but you might have to wait a while. There’s no need for that though, since gift card codes can also be sent through your email, making it easier for customers to keep themselves organized.

  • Any country

Disney is extended worldwide, and so are their gift cards. If you’re not from the US and don’t have a Walmart near you, don’t fret, as they’re available at mostly every local supermarket! Look up the nearest place near you, and see if they have them.

  • Different online sites

Have you ever heard of someone taking online surveys and getting money from it? You can also get gift cards! While a bit uncommon, the sites that pay people to take online surveys, one of the most known being Swagbucks, also give gift cards. Not all of them have Disney ones but with a quick internet search you will quickly find the one that’s most beneficial for you.


  • Subscribing to various newsletters

Even though it’s rare, if you have the time to keep a look out for these, i’d give it a try. Disney related sites that send their followers news about the establishment and keep them up to date with their most recent additions to the park, hotels and discounts, also sometimes make giveaways. What are these giveaways for? Discounted Gift cards, obviously! This process might take a while though, as giveaways aren’t often held and you might not be the winner.

Having over 50 different designs, gift cards now also come in an envelope with a design of your choice so you can match them with the card!

Disney card prices range from a minimum of 25$ to a maximum price of 500$. They’re perfect if you’re planning to help someone enjoy something free that’s Disney related, or if you just need a quick gift. Unlike other gift cards, Disney doesn’t have any hidden fees or an expiration date on theirs, so you can just use it whenever! Most of all, they’re also useable worldwide, making them the perfect quick gift for anyone, of any age!

Not only, but if you’re tired of having to keep an eye on your gift card to make sure you don’t lose it, you don’t have to worry anymore since all the funds on them can be transfered on your account, should you have one. And if you don’t, you should create one as soon as you’re in the posession of a card! Besides being free to create, it only takes about 3 minutes to create one, and it brings a lot of benefits. These cards can also be reloaded through your account or at any Disney location.

All in all, these discounted disney gift cards are one of the most efficient out there, since you’re able to pay for your Disney vacation with them, helping you save money and have fun at the same time without having to restrain yourself from certain pleasures of the Disney World, or just spare you out of having to go and buy a gift for someone, since they can also be simply bought online. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy a cute plushie or a souvenir bought with one of their gift cards?

Do keep in mind though, these gift cards cannot be returned or refunded, so buy with care!



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