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Why Do Cats Get Fleas In Winter?

Why Do Cats Get Fleas In Winter?

For any pet owner, fleas can be a major nuisance and bother. While we may not think twice about our cats getting fleas in the summertime. With such warm temperatures, it makes sense that they’d become targets for parasites. Winter can also present its challenges when it comes to feline guests. So why do cats get fleas during the winter of the year?

Every winter, you may find yourself on the unpleasant lookout for fleas attached to your beloved feline friend. Don’t worry! Several factors at play explain why cats get fleas in the wintertime and it is perfectly natural!

In this blog post, we will discuss some of those reasons so that you have a better understanding of what’s happening with your cat during this season.

The Main Reason For Getting Fleas

reasons of getting fleas in cats

The main reason your cat is likely to develop an infestation during winter is that once the temperatures dip below 40F or 4C, some species of parasite lay dormant until warmer times come around again. This means that even if there’s been no sign of pests during hotter times of the year, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from them!

Your furry friend might still end up being prone to ticks and other critters as soon as things start heating up (or cooling down).

In addition, one-way cats can pick up these pesky parasites like lice and mites while indoors is through contact with wildlife they encounter outside. Almost 72% reported seeing their felines interacting with wild creatures more often. It’s important to take extra measures like routinely checking your kitty after outdoor time along with preventative steps such as installing window screens so that lurking bugs won’t have access into your home.

Finally, effective pest prevention requires discipline on behalf of both owners and doctors alike. They need regular check-ups that are necessary to ensure any potential threats are caught early before they present real dangers. Meanwhile keeping your Cat’s Litter Box clean at all times will help keep the unwanted company away from animals who share living spaces indoors too!


In conclusion, flea season isn’t just limited by heat. Cold weather brings new risks for paw parents everywhere which require us proactively take preventive steps above everything else followed by a routine monitoring process afterward.

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