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TOP WordPress Development Agencies

It is a matter of the fact that technology has become exceedingly vast, and we can obtain assistance regarding almost every delinquent matter, be it development or designing. 

No one has spare time to spend hours and days on the internet creating their desired projects. But, on the other hand, it is easy to hire an individual or get your work done by relevant companies, whether at cheap or expensive rates.

And there arrives the most famous drag and drop feature! 

BANG! Work done!! 

Life is made easy and customized by the trending WordPress Development. Well known in the world of Software development, WordPress can custom code, themes, plugins as required and is also expected to showcase some good Front End Development skills, including HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery with simple JavaScript knowledge.

But the question that lies here is, “Is WordPress Development in demand?” 

It is certainly one of the frequently asked questions in the WordPress community. 

When we are thinking about building a WordPress website, we can observe that numerous companies are providing our services according to our needs because it is very easy to use and learn and involves comparatively less code usage than the other complex frameworks of website development.

So, in this article, we will present research enumerating the best WordPress development agencies based on some factors like pricing data and portfolio, which will help you identify and choose the best possible option amongst the market.

Let’s have a look.

Shopify Pro

Shopify-pro - WordPress Development Agencies

Shopify Pro is one of the leading WordPress development agencies in New York, USA. The highly experienced and professional team of developers at Shopify Pro revolutionizing businesses digitally through their top-notch services. By understanding your requirements, they can turn your ideas into realities. 

With a 5-star rating on Clutch, it is dominating the digital world as the top WordPress development agency. They offer WordPress theme design and development services, Custom WordPress plugin development services, WordPress support, and maintenance services to the client all around the globe. In addition, they utilize advanced project management methodologies to deliver the best-in-class services to clients. 

Founded: 2015

Price per hour: $35

Number of Employees: 50-250

Portfolio: Not limited, but they have worked for Treatibles, Hair Rules, Advanced DNA Solutions, Sales Tax System, and Gift Card Deal.


WPRiders is one of the most prominent WordPress development agencies. They are genuinely committed to helping you grow your business with a team of expert analysts, designers, and developers. You can be relieved regarding the fact that their work and solutions have been developed in accordance with deep knowledge of both technology trends and the market environment because they believe in updating their knowledge on a daily basis to eradicate the possibility of any error. How can we miss the fact that they are rated 4.9 stars on Clutch and Good firms!

All of this gives them an edge when providing custom work because they know how to design a perfectly suitable WordPress website according to the needs of their customers. WPRiders is known for getting the most performance out by using WordPress solely integrated with other frameworks. Apart from WordPress, they also offer Laravel development, API integration, and many other services.

Founded: 2014 in the heart of Romania.

Price per hour: $120

Number of Employees: Under 49.

Portfolio: WPRiders are well-known for their work on,, and DaoPay.


devrix - WordPress development agencies

DevriX is one of the pioneer WordPress development companies who have coined the term “WordPress Retainer.” It has a fine reputation for creating 200 free plugins for clients by working thoroughly in custom plugin development. Once, carried DevriX plugins for its image galleries too. They deliver a very clean and easy to comprehend code with an attractive front end for their clients. 

Being one of the top WordPress development agencies, DevriX believes that client satisfaction is the key factor in success, and hence they have retained more than 90% of their clients for 3 years. 

This is because DevriX tends to provide more than WordPress designing and development, and they make sure to produce the best results. They can also help you to build SEO and marketing strategies to boost your website.

A written evidence of this WordPress Development agency can be taken into account as, 

PETER NIKOV, Founder of Cloud Solutions, quoted; 

“DevriX produced a cost-effective multisite network. All functions requested by the company were incorporated, and they even exceeded expectations.”

They are partners with Forbes, BBC YAHOO, and many more.

Founded: 2010, Bulgaria.

Price per hour: $120

Number of Employees: 50-99.

Portfolio: DevriX clients include Audi, Wet Leasing, Fanboom, diginomica, Escape Hunt,, smart meetings. They have submitted more than 40 patches since the launch of WordPress 3.7


10 up - WordPress Development agencies

10up is amongst the best WordPress development agencies who have entitled themselves as the only Emmy nominated WordPress development company. They are Gold VIP partners of WordPress, and they’ve built many WordPress websites for some famous names in media, healthcare, and government. They also have a good reputation for building WordPress websites for many NGOs and schools.

They are a fully loaded WordPress development agency with a team of almost 200 strategists, designers, developers, analysts, and engineers spreading around the world. 

They are partners with Reddit, jQuery, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Adobe, TIME, and many others.

Founded: 2011 by Jake Goldman.

Pricing Per hour: $81

Number of Employees: 233.

Portfolio: 10up has served many clients, which include; ESPN, TechCrunch, Microsoft, Walmart, GoDaddy, FiveThirtyEight, Investor place, Brightcove, Politico, Bates College, World Economic Forum, and many more.

Human Made

Human Made is another one of the finest WordPress development agencies which are famous for building highly innovative WordPress websites and tools. It is highly proficient in accomplishing complex developmental tasks. Altis, the WordPress-based digital experience platform used by Red Bull and Snopes, is Human-made, and it is being used widely by others as well.

Their customized work can be found in businesses from multiple industries with large amounts of traffic inflow. They assist in almost everything, from cloud solutions to helpful marketing strategies and whatnot!

 You can search for most of the work in the fields of media finance and publishing tasks. 

They are partners with Google, Skype, Yell, Snopes, Capgemini, and many more.

Founded: 2010.

Price per hour: $150-$19.

Number of Employees: 70+

Portfolio: Human Made has made TechCrunch, UNISON, Newton Investment Management.


Exemplify is a well-known agency for tailoring their clients by making customized sites as per their needs. It is rated 5.0 on Clutch. It serves its customers in accordance with the latest WordPress development standards. Sites today have to be very fast, diversely multilingual, and extremely personalized; moreover, they have to focus on leads and nurture their relationships with clients. Exemplify does that well and has proved itself time and again as one of the most powerful WordPress Development agencies amongst all.

It has spread worldwide and helps clients guide their customers on what is best for them in terms of services of development and designing accompanied by support and maintenance. It serves completely as an authentic WordPress website development agency, as they execute their projects with a keen eye for every single detail and swore to produce the best of the best. Exemplify serves diverse niche industries and has helped clients to toggle successfully complex consumer journeys and tackle regulatory challenges wholeheartedly.

Founded: It was founded in 2018

Price per hour: Somehow, approximately $75

Number of Employees: Ranging from 100-249

Portfolio: It has produced masterpieces like Burns and Wilcox, The Learning Experience, FOSS website, Abbvie, HART.


UPQODE is a Customer-focused, Quality-driven Digital Marketing & WordPress Development and Designing Agency. They have been developing websites for years, from small scale to large companies. Across all agencies and markets, in Nashville and other US cities, UPQODE adopts new technologies and can guarantee a clean, attractive, mobile-responsive layout with a smooth WordPress development process that is very easy to understand.

They are also known for providing SEO services to turn your site into an effective channel of lead generation for your business and help to increase its ranking. When working with an SEO agency, you can also get a dedicated team for keyword research, competition audit, on-page, and off-page optimization.

They have gained recognition from Clutch, GoodFirms, CSS design Awards, TDA, Top Design Firms, and many more, with 2 to 3 times rated with 5 stars at Clutch.

Founded: It was founded in 2015.

Pricing Per hour: $75

Number of Employees: Ranging from 50-99

Portfolio: Sew Sketchy, Six Sisters Stuff, Moovit Cargo=Transportation & Logistic, Rela SPA WordPress, Suite 437, Moffett AI, Mooseoom, Thinktank telecommunication, Trispartan, OvulifeMD, kith and kin and many more.


Cut2Code is a WordPress development company that provides customers with tailored, quality WordPress Development along with E-commerce solutions, Website Support & Maintenance Services, and Web Consultation. 

The proof of their work can be seen through the ratings they have received for almost 3 years in Clutch. Cut2 Code establishes effective WordPress Development making sure that they work so keenly to solve any problem if occurred. They are very understanding and supportive when you ask for some modification also. They pledge good customer service and are ready to help the team available almost every time to answer the queries.

They have worked with WordPress Block Editor and have submitted projects on platforms like Ruby on Rails, laravel, Django, and many more. They work in wide niches like fashion, medical, healthcare, real estate, skincare, mechanical industry, and whatnot! 

They are partners with Woocommerce and Shopify.

Founded: It was founded in 2016.

Price Per hour: Undisclosed

Number of Employees: Under 49.

Portfolio: UCSF Bioethics, Tone Dermatologists, Double Verify, OOVA life, Pure Pail, Solisci, Print4Display, and many more.


Smartsites - WordPress development agencies

SmartSites is one of the best WordPress Website development and digital marketing agencies. In a short span of time, it has become one of America’s fastest-growing companies. SmartSites focus on their client’s needs, most of which have led them to over 100 5-star reviews since their incorporation.

SmartSites is famous for providing WordPress development and SEO services, Web Design, eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing, CMS, LMS, API integration, and many more.

 Their work is, without question, excellent and highly commendable in accordance with the needs of the customers. A combination of highly qualified experts facilitates you in every possible aspect of your need in terms of WordPress development.

Founded: It was founded in 2011.

Price per hour: Approximately $100

Number of Employees: 100-249

Portfolio: SmartSite is famous for its services to Cut Sheet Labels, AGA Truck Parts, Agile Data Sites.


dot logics - WordPress development agencies

Dotlogics’s motto explains every detail itself “We Help You Grow.” It serves its clients as a complete platform one can provide for WordPress Development. They have a team of highly qualified experts who are always one step ahead to quench the need to grow and know your brand. The world is in a different place today, and you need to adapt to continue to grow. Therefore, Dotlogics helps to make sure that they provide their clients with the best WordPress Development solutions to thrive in the competition.

When it comes to designing a perfect site or even scaling up your business and increasing your sales, Dotlogics-Inc is the top WordPress Development agency that clicks in mind.

Competition in the world has become fierce; everyone is keen on winning. Everyone thinks of hiring the most expensive agencies for their growth and development. But sometimes, it’s not the cost that is to be considered. It is actually the quality that matters. In this case, Dotlogics assure that your content will be very clean and crisp to maintain its authenticity, it will be extraordinary, and it will definitely be without errors.

Founded: 2007.

Pricing per hour: $125

Number of Employees: Under 49.

Portfolio: McDonald’s, Data Device Corporation, Brown University, Shopworn.


admios - WordPress development agencies

Famously known as Nearshore WordPress Development Agency, Admios can provide excellent services to their customers, including Fast and Easy Recruitment, Team-Based Talent, Custom Software Development, and Project Management. Admios is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress Development Agencies as Admios has developed quite a name in the field of WordPress development, and it facilitates you also in QA Testing delivering the best services.

They have some very unique features regarding the Support and Maintenance of the website also. They work with startup platforms and public companies to provide the clients services according to their requirements producing masterpieces of their choices. It would be a great choice if you select this as one of your WordPress Development agencies as its ratings and its reviews are pretty compelling and authentic too. 

They offer equal employment opportunities and are rated 5 stars by Clutch.

Founded: It was founded in 2005.

Price per hour: Approximately $55

Number of Employees: Ranging from 50-99

Portfolio: Terraformation, Symphony, Conductor, Shop-Ware, Collective Health Converse, Off the Grid.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk - WordPress development agencies

Digital Silk is rated as a world-class digital, and WordPress development company focused on Creating Superior digital Experiences. They work with top brands in B2B and B2C, including HP, Microsoft, and many more, making them automatically a trustful choice among others in the line. 

They ensure that their clients allocate a team of industry experts on each project related to WordPress to avoid any discrepancy. They also ensure that the work is in accordance with that of the choices and needs of the customers. 

Their services are huge, and they include; Brand & digital Strategies, Custom Web & App Development and Cutting-Edge Software Development, API Integration, and many more. Their main motto of work is to focus on generating measurable and remarkable results each month for their clients, which should be visible enough to retain the services from clients, hence producing quality-oriented work.

They are partners with Fox news, Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, and many more.

Founded: It was founded in 2017

Pricing per hour: $125

Number of Employees: 50-99

Portfolio: Archon Fitness, IBM-Marketing Project, SONY Rewards, FieldEdge, XEROX-A new take on B2B, hp, Miami Country day school,, Impendi analytics, and many more.

Think it First

think it first - WordPress development agencies

Well, It’s just in its name! Think it First is one of those WordPress Development agencies which works and listens to the clients before starting to give them advice regarding their problem. They pay full attention to what the customer needs and what is in his mind. They have produced innumerable WordPress websites to retain a satisfactory client retention rate which has been above 90 percent for 2 years.

They believe in giving importance to some considerate aspects and take a meaningful pause, which reflects their name. Their mission is to see smart ideas take up more of the popular cultural space. Think it First believes in the power of a good strategy and see the project not as a job to be done but as a cause they’ll invest in.

They are partners with Ronald Mcdonald house of Delaware, Pearl properties, American hearts association, Big brother and big sister Massachusetts Bay, Deals and, Medivar and many more.

Founded: It was founded back in 2010.

Pricing Per hour: $125

Number of Employees: Under 49.

Portfolio: Gelest Inc, Heavyocity, The FlexPro Group, Activate Capital, MedScope America, Metro Commercial, Pharma BioSource, Valtec Corporations, Philly Startup Leaders, Discover PHL, Braskem, and many more.

Jordan Crown

jordan crown - WordPress development agencies

Jordan Crown is a well-known WordPress designing and development agency that mainly focuses on small scale businesses and clients in the IT, real estate, and manufacturing industries. 

Apart from being the best WordPress development company, Jordan Crown provides the best customer service and support for maintenance. It also offers the facility of creating the best marketing strategies. It is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council with a 4.9-star rating by Clutch.

Founded: 2006. 

Pricing per hour: Undisclosed.

Number of Employees: 6-10.

Portfolio: Bluetooth, NAES, Scantron, SCJ, PeopleFirm, Pence Construction, Builder’s Capital, Flinn Ferguson, and many more.


We hope the list has helped you to find the right WordPress development agency for your business. At Get Top Trends, we do comprehensive and critical research to find the best agencies around the globe. Then, based on your requirements and objectives, you can go with your ideal option. 

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