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11 Best WordPress Development Agencies Based on their Specialization, Portfolio, and Cost



What is WordPress? If we look for a technical definition, “WordPress can be defined as a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database.” WordPress was primarily created as a blog-publishing platform but has evolved to support other web content types also. It is now used by almost 42% of the top million websites that are working with WordPress. 

It would not be wrong to say; 

“WordPress is a factory that designs webpages for you.

What services do WordPress Agencies Provide?

WordPress is the most popular way to design your desired website. From a blog to an E-commerce store, using WordPress, you can develop any type of website. However, you can make your own website or get it designed by expert companies providing WordPress development services. 

WordPress development agencies are specialized in getting the maximum performance from the WordPress website and make it easier to maintain for you. If you want to design reliable and interactive websites with an appealing layout, you should do a little research regarding the topmost WordPress development Agencies.

To assist you in this regard, we have listed the top 11 WordPress Development agencies;

So let’s dig in;


CemtrexLabs - Best WordPress Development Agencies

CemtrexLabs is one of the prominent WordPress Development agencies known for their top-notch services in the town. It is one of the highly-rated apps on Clutch, which provides you with all the tools you need to develop a complete WordPress site. They are a creative technology lab that delivers groundbreaking experiences through mobile apps, web development, and innovative engineering services.

Their remarkable team and success-driven processes make them special. They help you to design your website for successful collaboration and efficient results. The services they provide include; strategies for brands designs, consumer insights, and performance analysis. Moreover, they also guide you in designing a business’s identity, concept development, data visualization, and many more.

Founded: It was founded in 2009.

Number of Employees: 50 – 249

Price per hour: $50 – $99

Portfolios: Their work includes AARP, BUSHL, ESSENCE, National Dialogue, and many more.


arbisoft - Best WordPress Development Agencies

Being the topmost ranked WordPress Development agency, Ubisoft and its team of 400+ employees provides you with a complete platform if you want to develop a fully designed website or a mobile application without any omissions. They help you to create intuitive user experiences wrapped up in attractive designs. 

They design every website as per your specifications; moreover, their award-winning apps have found the best deals for travelers and enabled businesses to maximize their ROI and more. They also specialized in creating custom models for collecting data and implementing the most efficient techniques in order to make your website unique and attractive. If you are looking for a complete designer company to establish your site, ARBISOFT is here for you people! They have created thousands of solutions over the last decade and helped businesses expand rapidly. Moreover, they understand the challenges of working with a remote team and focus on providing an experience that feels like having a software development team next door. You just got to bring your idea!

Founded: It was founded in 2008.

Price per hour: Undisclosed.

Number of Employees: 250 – 999

Portfolios: ARBISOFT is famous for its work in Travelliance, wander, indeed, KAYAK, WORLD BANK, McDonald’s, and Stanford University.

Shopify Pro

Shopify-pro - Best WordPress Development Agencies

Software Pro is a leading Software and WordPress development agency in New York, USA. They have a professional team of developers, UI/UX specialists, digital marketers, and certified WordPress developers. Their agile and fast-forwarding approach allows them the right option to rely on. 

They have been recognized as a top agency by Clutch, UpCity, Good firms, and many others. Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, they cover you with their quality-driven services. They have a strong QA process and follow set standards to ensure the quality of the developed solutions. 

They specialize in crafting the perfect e-commerce store and responsive websites, serving the needs of global clients. They also offer SEO and marketing services for WordPress with extended expertise in other platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and many others. 

Founded: 2015

Price per hour: $35

Number of Employees: 50-250

Portfolio: Not limited, but they have worked for Treatibles, Hair Rules, Advanced DNA Solutions, Sales Tax System, and Gift Card Deal.


Wpriders - Best WordPress Development Agencies

WPRiders is one of the leading WordPress development agencies. They are genuinely committed to helping you grow your business with a team of expert analysts, designers, and developers. You can be relieved that their work and solutions have been developed in accordance with deep knowledge of both technology trends and the market environment because they believe in updating their knowledge daily to eradicate the possibility of any error. How can we miss the fact that they are rated 4.9 stars on Clutch and Good firms!

All of this gives them an edge when providing custom work because they know how to design a perfectly suitable WordPress website according to the needs of their customers. WPRiders are known for getting the most performance out by using WordPress solely integrated with other frameworks. Apart from WordPress, they also offer Laravel development, API integration, and many other services.

Founded: 2014 in the heart of Romania.

Price per hour: $120

Number of Employees: Under 49

Portfolios: WPRiders are well-known for their work on,, and DaoPay.

Pronto Marketing

pronto marketing - Best WordPress Development Agencies

Pronto Marketing is famous for handling web design and development services for a relationship counseling company. They also serve small-business and midmarket clients in the IT, Ecommerce, and financial sectors. Pronto marketing also helps you in creating SEO-based content and websites with a digital and efficient strategy.

The expert team of Pronto Marketing will build out a chart with specific content features and SEO-based designs for providing you the best tools for creating your desired website.

Founded: it was founded in 2008.

Price per hour: Not mentioned.

Number of Employees: 50 – 249

Portfolio: Brick markers USA inc Travel for Travellers by GLP, Simplest, LeadingIT, LeverageIT, IGO Medical Group, Zeta Sky, Complete Document Solutions.


Devrix - Best WordPress Development Agencies

Devrix is a well-known WordPress development agency that has been recognized for its custom themes and plugin development services. They have created over 200+ free plugins to help clients get their desired functionalities and features in their WordPress websites. In addition, they make sure the delivery of clean and easy-to-understand code to clients. 

Being the top WordPress development agency, DevriX believes that client satisfaction is the key factor in success, and hence they have retained more than 90% of their clients for 3 years. 

They are focused on delivering quality to clients and believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Apart from design and development services, they are also offering WordPress SEO and marketing services to clients. They are partners with Forbes, BBC, YAHOO, and many more.

Founded: 2010, Bulgaria.

Price per hour: $120

Number of Employees: 50-99.

Portfolio: DevriX clients include Audi, Wet Leasing, Fanboom, diginomica, Escape Hunt,, smart meetings. They have submitted more than 40 patches since the launch of WordPress 3.7.



Another famous WordPress Development agency that assists you in fully functional and elegant software solutions is tagDiv. Their experience can be tested by searching out their almost 110,000 trusted and satisfied customers. They have quite a name in the world of Web-Development agencies as they consist of flexible teams with your desired goal, they have specific plans for your every requirement.

Moreover, they are famous for their skilled personnel and timely delivered projects. Who doesn’t want that, right? They guide bloggers, companies, institutions, etc., from almost 136 countries to create compelling online websites to reach their goals.

Founded: it was founded in 2013.

Price per hour: $ 50 – 99

Number of Employees: 10 – 24

Portfolios: designmodo, wpmudev, THEMES, codeinwp, templatic, HubSpot, Envato, colorlib, THIMPRESS, 85ideas.

Human Made


With 10 years of experience in WordPress development, Human Made is one of the leading WordPress development agencies. They are continually working to deliver the best digital experience to the clients. 

The team at Human Made is known for the personalized digital solutions they have developed for the customers. For what they are known as a top B2B company working in over 5+ continents. With a team of passionate designers and developers, they are accelerating the digital transformation of businesses. From cloud solutions to marketing strategies, they got you covered. They have worked with multiple business verticals, including Media, Finance, and Healthcare. They are partners with Google, Skype, Yell, Snopes, Capgemini, and many more.

Founded: It was founded in 2010.

Price per hour: $150-$19.

Number of Employees: 70+

Portfolios: Human Made has made TechCrunch, UNISON, Newton Investment Management. They have also trusted partners of worldwide organizations like Google, News UK, TechCrunch, Red Bull, USA today, Fairfax Media, and Yell.



Another well-known WordPress development agency providing high-quality work with expedient employees is Cubix. It is the most famous and award-winning agency for its remarkable services in the field of Web Design and Development. 

Cubix is considered one of the leading mobile apps, games, and software development agencies with a 5-star rating on Clutch. They have extended expertise in the development, customization, and integration of complex solutions, business intelligence analytics, and advanced web solutions. With over 8 years of experience, they have worked for customers that include individuals and companies too. Their team is constantly improving and mastering website industry progression.

Founded: It was founded in 

Price per hour: $ 25 – $ 49

Number of Employees: 50 – 249

Portfolios: AutoConnect, Redline Athletics, Like hoop, Today Today, POLITICO, Canon, artizone, White Castle, TISSOT, Sapient, DreamWorks, Walmart, ESTEE LAUDER.



Another experienced WordPress development agency is known for the tailor-made solutions they deliver to clients. It is a 5-star reviewed agency on Clutch. They follow the latest WordPress development standards and methodologies while developing WordPress solutions. They can customize and build personalized WordPress websites catering to specific business needs. It made Exemplify a place in this list as a top WordPress agency.

They develop websites on client’s requirements and business objectives and proficient in building highly flexible, adaptable, and easy to manage websites. They can also help you in building a website from scratch with consistent quality.

The agency has spread across multiple countries and serves the needs of global clientele. You can rely on their services as they are reliable and proficient in everything they do. They have worked with numerous industries and niches to solve the complex business problems of the businesses. 

Founded: It was founded in 2018

Price per hour: Somehow, approximately $75

Number of Employees: Ranging from 100-249

Portfolio: It has produced masterpieces like Burns and Wilcox, The Learning Experience, FOSS website, Abbvie, HART.



With its high-quality WordPress development services and result-driven digital marketing solutions, UPQODE is among the top 11 WordPress development agencies. They have years of experience in developing custom websites for multiple business industries and sizes. The experienced team at UPDODE can develop highly attractive, responsive, and clean WordPress website themes and designs. 

They can understand your requirements and work to achieve your business goals by ensuring the safety and security of the website. Their agile development methodologies and approach allow them to deliver the best features and functionalities of your website. You can also get your E-commerce solutions from them to drive huge traffic and visitors towards your business. 

In addition to development services, they also provide SEO and marketing services to drive prospective customers and potential leads for your business – and obviously the ranking! They have a dedicated team of designers, developers, SEO experts, and digital marketers to take your business to the next level. 

They are a recognized agency by Clutch, GoodFirms, CSS design Awards, TDA, Top Design Firms, and many more, with 2 to 3 times rated with 5 stars at Clutch.

Founded: It was founded in 2015.

Pricing Per hour: $75

Number of Employees: Ranging from 50-99

Portfolio: Sew Sketchy, Six Sisters Stuff, Moovit Cargo=Transportation & Logistic, Rela SPA WordPress, Suite 437, Moffett AI, Mooseoom, Thinktank telecommunication, Trispartan, OvulifeMD, kith and kin and many more.


In this era of online work, nothing is impossible; you can get your work done by hiring any official or by getting expert services. Likewise, if you want to develop a remarkable site for your online and traditional business, WordPress is your platform!

In this article, Get top trends presented your research enumerating the best WordPress development agencies based on some factors like pricing data and portfolio, which will help you to identify and choose the best possible option amongst the market. So, all you have to do is select your desired company with a little research; it will provide you with excellent services to create great and attractive sites for your customers. Above discussed WordPress development agencies are the top most rated and excellently reviewed by people, so you have a complete package, people! So, go ahead and design your dream website for your business!



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