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Best WordPress Themes and Templates for Digital Agencies in 2021



Creative web designs improve your company’s online presence and reputation. Hence, WordPress has become the most popular CMS. Today, WordPress is powering almost 40% of websites on the internet. Individuals and businesses find it a highly flexible and reliable web design system.

Many major brands and corporations such as Microsoft and White House are using WordPress for their digital concerns. Along with innovative features, WordPress hosts exceptional theme developers. However, you can create or enhance your website with any WordPress themes and templates. Being a digital agency owner, you need a professional, secure and stunning website.

For this concern, WordPress is a great choice. The platform allows to build of a new website as well as to remodel existing ones. 

Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Digital Agencies? 

To make a website, WordPress is the most reliable option in 2021. Also, WordPress can’t beat for digital marketing purposes. Millions of websites on the Internet are built in WordPress. 

All businesses need creative and user-friendly sites. Especially, websites for digital agencies must be designed according to the latest standards.

This is essential to align with your ever-changing business needs. WordPress is a great choice in this regard. But why developers choose WordPress to make websites? Here are the reasons to use WordPress themes for digital agencies! 


WordPress is a free CMS to create a website. Anyone can create a website easily for free with WordPress. Hence, there are almost 5000+ free WordPress themes and WordPress templates. For high-level templates and themes, you need to pay a little. Of course, this offers more creativity, upgrade features, and maintenance. However, you can create a successful WordPress website with little or no investment. 

Simple Hosting 

Another notable benefit of WordPress is flexible hosting. Almost all the hosting services support this system. This is because WordPress is developed on open-source code that can be hosted easily. However, you can also host it easily if you have your own server space. 

Easy to Use and Maintain 

WordPress is an innovative yet simple to use CMS. If you want to purchase a domain or plan to host your website, is your destination. You do not to be a professional developer to deal with it. With free drag, drop and page builders, you can easily create a WordPress website. After website design and development, you can also maintain the content and other site features easily when needed.  

WordPress theme Customization 

With 50,000 free WordPress plugins, this content management system is a flexible choice. All the plugins are advanced to design your site with high-end capabilities. Also, you can add several features to your website without coding. Hence, the design possibilities are also endless as per your requirements. 

Mobile Responsive Themes 

WordPress comes with mobile responsive themes. This is because the demand for mobile optimization has grown so much. Thus, one can use and see all the features of a WordPress website on any device and mobile phone. 

The Best WordPress Themes 2021 

WordPress template or theme selection can be a tricky matter. With almost 11,000 best WordPress themes, it may be difficult to choose the right one. However, you need to consider your business nature and requirements. Theme selection must be based on this aspect. Remember, the right designing approach will lead to desirable website growth and success. Despite this, you need to make a wise decision.

There are functional and multi-purpose WordPress templates available for all kinds of websites. Here, we have listed down the most popular WordPress themes for digital marketing agencies in 2021. Surely, it will help you to choose the best option!


Pofo is a highly creative blog WordPress theme for agencies. You can develop a remarkable blog WordPress website with this template. However, Pofo offers great customer support, mobile responsive design, best features, security, and updates.

Also, you will find multiple layouts, drag and drop page builders, best graphics, and much more. With POFO, you can customize the theme and display settings easily.



Improve your site’s visibility with a high-end WordPress template. Optimize is an innovative and user-friendly option to make your website successful. This SEO and social media theme can build an improved and functional website.

Especially, it is suitable for digital marketing agencies and SEO businesses. With optimize, you can create fully optimized websites with fast page loading speeds. However, the powerful plugins, professional coding, and compatibility make it among the best WordPress themes.

Marketing Pro

This multi-purpose WordPress theme can give your marketing business a boost. For SEO business and digital agencies, Marketing Pro offers various WordPress templates and designs.

Besides, the visual composer along with high-end plugins and codes make it an innovative choice. The flexible landing page and web features ensure a remarkable user experience. Additionally, this theme ensures fast web page loading time.


This new and popular WordPress theme lets you explore amazing WordPress templates. Also, you will get access to animated icons, graphics, page builders, sliders, banners, and much more.

Surely, you can develop a secure, classical, and modern website for your agency. Seocift also provides many built-in pages such as pricing page, services page, about us, etc.  


Exponent is a modern business WordPress website theme. With many modern demos, 200+ page layouts, visual header, footer, and fast performance, Exponent enjoys a high ranking.

However, you can customize the website’s appearance easily with a visual content editor. This theme allows for professional WordPress web design and development for any business. 

Note: Before deciding on any theme, never forget to go through its demo. The demo will make you familiar not only with the site’s appearance but also with the web’s features. Also, you will get to know about customizing WordPress templates and themes as per your needs.  

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Theme for your Digital Agency

When WordPress theme agency, templates and so many options are available, choosing the right one is a complex task. However, you may be wondering what factors are important to consider before choosing a WordPress template or theme? Here is your answer! 


Some themes for WordPress are paid while some are free. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select a theme. If you are willing to pay for a premium WordPress theme then it is great. Otherwise, the Free WordPress templates options are so many.  

2.Cross-Browser Compatibility

No matter, which browser or device you are using your WordPress website, it must open properly. Choose a responsive theme that performs and opens perfectly on all devices and browsers. 

3.Website Loading Speed

The website loading speed matters a lot for its success. When so many options are available on the internet, people never stay and wait for your website to open if it is taking more time.

However, choose a WordPress design with good loading time speed. Make sure that there is no performance issue during the site opening. Therefore, see what people say in reviews to know about the load time and functionality of a theme.

4.Responsive WordPress Theme 

Mobile responsive design is an essential feature to choose the best WordPress theme for your agency. Make sure that your audience reaches you easily. For this, you require a website that is functional on all devices, i.e., PC and smartphones.

This will let people visit your site anywhere without missing even a single feature. Also, Google ranks the responsive websites more than others. 


The first impression of your website matters a lot. In a highly competitive webspace, you have only a few seconds to impress visitors. Hence, people do not like complex or confusing web designs.

That is why you must choose a simple and user-friendly WordPress template. Avoid cluttered or segregated looks that may lead visitors to move to another site. So, keep everything clear, straight, and visually appealing to boost website traffic. 

6.Easily Customizable Theme 

Adding a touch of innovation and distinctiveness is a good idea. Of course, people love unique things but not complex ones. Hence, choose a theme for website that is easily customizable. This allows you to manage things as per your specific business requirements. The layouts, plugins, content, and implementation, everything must be simple. 

7.Proper Customer Support

Customer care is an integral part to make a strong customer base. Whether you choose a free WordPress theme or a Premium design, make sure it has proper custom support features. This includes email support, chat support, can centers, tutorials, forums, and more.

All these features are helpful for visitors to understand your concerns and niche easily. Hence, this makes them approach you easily for any query. 

8.Regular Updates

Your website must go hand in hand with the latest standards. For this, make sure that your theme gets regular updates and working without errors. This creates a positive impression of your brand thus increase revenues.

To Sum Up!

The business website speaks about the standards and reputation of a company. That is why, the style, design, user-friendliness, safety, and features must be exceptional. However, to make your business successful, choose the best WordPress theme agency and style to create a high-end website.



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