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25 Most Successful WordPress Agency Businesses and Companies Today




With covering nearly 34% of websites across the world, WordPress agency   is the fastest growing norm in the digital world. Most of the websites found on the internet are designed through WordPress agency   which makes them stand out from others. Therefore, many genius designers, entrepreneurs, and companies earn billions every year by selling various services of WordPress.

Although, WordPress agency itself is free, however, a user has to go for premium options such as,

  • Domain Name
  •  SEO Plugins
  •  Website Hosting
  • Themes

And so on, for operating their online market ventures. Therefore, many companies around the world are involved in the WordPress agency business due to its immense demand. These services spark a remarkable boom in user’s business which makes them highly important to everyone.

25 most successful companies around the world provide WordPress agency development services. In this article, we are going to share with you a piece of excellent information about each company to give you a kick start for your expected WordPress agency future career. Take a brief look at each of them.

1.WP Engine:

WP Engine is amongst the fewer WordPress agency companies that offer managed website hosting services around the world. Therefore, WP Engine holds expertise in providing hassle-free hosting for all sized websites. Therefore, for various users whether it is a sole owner or capital firm, everyone loves WP Engine.

Besides web hosting, WP Engine is known as the father of Torque WordPress agency  blog and a theme firm Studio press.

Have a look at some brilliant aspects of this WordPress agency,

·   WP Engine has contributed to powering nearly 50,000 websites at the present

·   It is amongst the fewer WordPress agency  companies that offer managed hosting

·   The last public announced revenue of WP Engine was nearly $132 million

·   Moreover, they have a hosting plan that comes up with offering nearly 40 premium themes worth $2000 for free to its users.


HTML Pro is among the top WordPress development agencies based in New York. This award-winning company provides high-end IT solutions, web design, development, and digital transformation services.

If we talk about overall aspects, HTML Pro is considered as the top WordPress agency business in terms of revenue, services, and user favorites. However, this WordPress company is famous to build and maintain thousands of successful websites. The proficient and skilled team tends to improve user experience through user-friendly and rich-featured websites.

Hence, take a look at some of the greatest achievements of the company.

  • HTML Pro is famous for powering various online market stores.
  • Top-rated digital development agency because of effective digitalization and quality solutions.
  • Effective project management & development solutions to increase business ROI
  • WordPress customization and responsive theme setup

Ecommerce web design development services include: BigCommerce, Drupal, Opencart, Joomla, Cratejoy, Magento, WordPress, Squarespace, Lightspeed, Miva, and Subscription Box

3. Yoast:

Yoast is one of the most famous WordPress agency development services for learning SEO. It provides every SEO product which a user is looking for. This company was founded by 

Joost de Valk made it the most successful SEO plugin service of WordPress.

In addition to the convention SEO plugin, a user gets to enjoy numerous other plugins like

  • News SEO
  •  Local SEO
  • Video SEO
  •  Slideshare
  •  woocommerce SEO

From a beginner level to an expert, a user could every SEO plugin he is looking for. Above all, Yoast offers various training programs to learn SEO effectively.

Take a look at some of the awesome stats and facts of Yoast

·   They teach thousands of users across the world about SEO via various training programs

·   Yoast provides auditing services and conversion reviews to users as well

·   It is known as the most favorite SEO plugin with over 5 million active installations

·   Even the standard SEO plugin is proved to be very fruitful for the users

4. Shopify Pro

Shopify Pro is the best E-Commerce Platforms Development Agency. This company is known for its world-class strategies to take your online presence to the next level. Because of completing hundreds of successful websites, this company is the most trusted. Hence, the company provides matchless web design, development, digital marketing, SEO, app development, and much more. The company develops multiple E-commerce platforms including Open Cart, Joomla, Magento, WordPress with Woo-Commerce, Squarespace, Lightspeed, Drupal, BigCommerce, CrateJoy, Miva, and Subscription Box Business Ecommerce platforms.

Take a look at some of the great aspects of this company.

  • Shopify Pro is among the top e-commerce brand partners with HTML Pro, wix, tawk, Shopify partner, and more.
  • This WordPress agency development agency provides all-time favorite plugins
  • Their beginner-friendly tutorials are helping thousands of users across the world in their growth.

5. Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes are the most widely used theme in WordPress agencies around the world. This makes it the second most popular theme plugin after Genesis Theme Framework. Among the most famous themes, Divi is one of the most successful themes around the world. Moreover, when it comes to web design on WordPress, Divi Builder stands out from all others.

Take a look at their striking achievements

·   They feature Bloom and Monarch plugins and themes for various websites

·   It has helped more than 500,000 people around the world in designing stunning websites

·   The statistics by experts have shown that Divi is the most successful theme plugin for WordPress agency  websites after the Genesis theme framework

·   They also run a blog where they provide guides and tutorial for users globally

6. Envanto:

CodeCanyon and ThemeForest are the two most famous websites run by Envanto. For WordPress agency themes, these are considered as the second most favorite tools.

Envanto is considered as a high potential website despite all the controversial aspects of a license they faced in the past.

Moreover, Envanto also deals in selling web designing products like photos, logo, tutorials, etc for web design on WordPress

Here are some interesting features about Evanto

·   The plugin CodeCanyon has 6,000 premium themes out of which there two plugins have been sold over 300,000 times

·   When it comes to themes, the ThemeForest holds more than 11,000 themes around the world

·   Some of the most famous themes of Envanto such as X Theme and Avada have sold 200,000 and 520,000 respectively

·   Each of the 7 themes of ThemeForest has been sold more than 100,000 times

7. Modern Tribe:

Modern Tribe is a WordPress agency development company that deals in web designing and development around the world. The whole company is comprised of 72 teammates that are all experts and freelancers. These teammates belonged to 5 countries and 45 cities which makes it an exciting company.

With a team of multiple skills, Modern Tribe deals in various expertise like website development, user experience, designing, and much more.

Here are some amazing features of Modern Tribe:

·   They are the creators of the Events Calendars Plugin

·   They are considered as number one WordPress agency  event management plugin

·   They have designed websites for various sectors that include start-up companies and institutions, the total of which makes 500+. Among them, their top client includes eBay, MTV, and Harvard.

8. Caseproof:

Caseproof is known as the leading WordPress agency plugin in making affiliate companies and membership. The founder of the company is WPBeginner. Casprood is also a parent founder of the three most famous plugins of all time. The names are Pretty Links, Affiliate Royale Plugin, and MemberPress.

MemberPress plugin is the best membership plugin. Affiliate Royale helps you to start up your own affiliated business in the online market space. Many users use this plugin to create a membership website. Pretty Links on the other hand converts your long ugly links into small track-able links.

Take a look at some of their brilliant aspects

·   Pretty Links plugin is the most famous link managing plugin used in WordPress agency  websites

·   Caseproof shows a significant impact in enhancing the growth of products

9. SkyVerge:

Skyverge is the leading developing partner of which makes it the reason for their huge success. Another top-notch plugin is Jilt eCommerce.

woocommerce contains 50 premium extensions because of SkyVerge. Moreover, Woocommerce has built more than 66 free and paid extensions which include,

  1. WooCommerce Analytics Pro
  2. WooCommerce Membership

And many more,

In addition to this, their other plugin Jilt is an automation tool and email marketing specialist. It monetizes some famous eCommerce areas like Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Have a look at some of the amazing facts about Sky Verge

·   Their free WordPress agency  plugin has more than 2 million downloads

·   The team of Skyverge has made more than 400 core contributions

10.  IncSub:

IncSub is a famous WordPress agency that introduced WPMU DEV, EduBlogs, and CampusPress. All three of these plugins are great inventions. WPMU DEV deals in website management and support.

EduBlog plugin is for educational purposes and several teachers and students around the world use it accordingly. CampusPress is an institutional plugin that allows universities and colleges to build and host WordPress agency websites

Take a look on their some amazing aspects

·   Smush Image Compression and Optimization has involved over 1million active installs. This makes it amongst the best compression plugins

·   Edublog has made nearly 4 million blogs for teachers and students around the world

·   WPMU DEV has nearly 800,000 active members

11. WordFence:

When it comes to website security, WordFence stands at the top. This plugin is the leader in the WordPress agency business. Therefore, it is considered the most famous malware scanner plugin

Have a look at some of their amazing features

·   It became a strong barrier against 4 billion attacks and malicious IP’s on a monthly basis

·   It protects more than 3 million WordPress agency  active websites

·   It provides an efficient audit system

12. Sandhills Development:

The amazing plugins like AffiliateWP, Restrict Content Pro, and Easy Digital were founded by Sandhills Development and the owner of this high tech company is Pippin Williamson. That’s why this company was initially known as Pippin’s plugin.

Due to their magnificent services, soon they attract a lot of customers and the WordPress agency community to itself.

With 2 million downloads, Easy Digital has a great consumer attraction

After Woocommerce, their Easy Digital plugin is the second most famous plugin tool

Above all, their Restrict Content Pro is the perfect alternative for Affiliate Royale Plugin. It is one of the amazing WordPress agency membership plugins which allows you to create an affiliate program

13. Web Dev Studios:

Web Dev Studios is one of the best WordPress agency companies across the world. Web Dev Studios have published several books on WordPress agency efficiently.

Besides that, their contribution to WordPress agency  plugins is impressive as well. They are the founders of CMB2 and Custom Post Types UI. Therefore, big companies like Viacom, Microsoft, and Time are their clients.

Here are some of their amazing features

·   With a 4.9 rating, CMB2 is the most widely used free plugin in the world

·   Moreover, their Custom Post Types UI is also considered amongst the top list of free WordPress agency   plugins

14. Human-Made:

Human-made is an official partner of WordPress. This UK-based WordPress agency development company specialized in scale development of brands like USA Today, TechCrunch, Skype, PayPal, and News UK.

Have a look at their outstanding features

·   They have a major contribution to the open source WordPress agency   community. For instance, in 2018 they contributed 53 talks and 12 teams in

·   They were awarded as the top B2B company in 2018

·   They offer several free plugins like WordPress agency   Menu Exporter, BackupWordPress, WPRemote, and WPThumb

15. WPML:

Founded by OnTheGoSystems, when it comes to multilingual WordPress agency development services, WPML stands out from everyone. They allow you to design a multi-lingual website on WordPress.

Here are some awesome features of WPML

·   WPML clients and websites are vastly spread across 100 countries along a similar number of languages

·   They power nearly 650,000 multilingual websites on WordPress

·   Moreover, they also specialize in professional human translator, translation and ICanLocalize

16. WP Media:

Some of the most amazing plugins such as the speed optimization plugin, Imagify, online image compression tool are all founded by WP Media.

Moreover, they are the founder’s WP Quick Install that allows you to install plugins and themes instantly.

Have a look at their amazing features

·   Imagify has optimized more than 700 million images which are installed on over 200,000 WordPress agency  websites

·   One of their amazing plugin WP Rocket has a huge number of happy clients around the world i-e 96000

17. Imagely:

When it comes to photographic themes, Imagely leads the best among everyone. They are the most famous WordPress agency theme sellers around the world. They are the leading service provider for photographic themes. After all, they have created many such plugins.

They own NextGEN Gallery which is the most famous image plugin for WordPress. To enjoy premium features, you have to get their paid version.

Have a look at some of their vital features

·   Their NextGEN Gallery plugin is the most widely used image plugin for various websites with active installations on 900,000 websites

·   Image owns Tesla Themes which is another amazing theme company. Their top 60 professional themes are installed on 125,000 websites

·   They also own an amazing image plugin i-e Photocrati. This plugin is used on over 18,000 WordPress agency  websites

18. UpdraftPlus:

UpdraftPlus is a famous WordPress agency that is considered the most trusted in terms of providing backup. Therefore, organizations like NBA, Microsoft, and NASA use this plugin.

This company is highly popular, therefore, WordPress agency  blogs like Torque, WPBeginner, WMPU DEV, and Elegant Themes recommend UpdraftPlus for backup recovery.

Here are some of their versatile features

·   It allows you to store your backup data in Dropbox, Google Drive, and other remote storage devices.

·   It powers more than 2 million active websites

·   For simple migration and backup, it provides the UpdraftMigrator tool as well.

19.  Themify:

Themify is a versatile theme plugin that provides multiple categories of themes according to one’s requirements. They provide premium themes and a plugin shop. Themify is the founder of the famous drag and drops page builder i-e Themify Builder.

Here are some exclusive features of this company’s products

·   Themify has helped more than 90,000 people across the world in designing beautiful websites

·   They feature 25+ builder, Photoshop files, and 48 themes

·   They are also engaged in providing club membership to users so that they can access it through a subscription program

20. Elementor:

Elementor is the founder of one of the fastest-growing plugins in WordPress agency i.e. page builder. Nearly 2 million people are taking advantage of the drag and drop feature powered by Elementor. Moreover, Elementor is also the owner of the famous theme shop i-e Pojo themes.

21. 10up:

10up is a consultant in open-source policy like Moreover, they are web design on WordPress. 

This company has a great contribution to the development of the WordPress agency  project. They are involved in hiring hardworking employees to work on various projects. They are also involved in submitting patches on WordPress.

Moreover, they are a direct partner of VIP. Therefore, famous brands like TechCrunch and World Economic Forum are their clients.

Take a look at some of their product’s features

·   They have sponsored the famous jQuery Foundation

·   10up has developed and contributed free plugins to

22. Beaver Builder:

Beaver Builder is the fastest growing product of WordPress agency since 2014. They are best in creating drag and drop page building plugins.

For landing and content pages, Beaver Builder has included nearly 30+ templates. Moreover, they have also offered a theme framework for its users.

Check out their features

·   It has powered more than 175,000 WordPress agency  websites

·   Over 1 million WordPress agency  websites have used their page builder

23. SiteGround:

Recommended by, SiteGround provides the most secure and fast hosting plans. They provide a convenient Woocommerce hosting service.

They are also engaged in providing Woocommerce hosting services for online stores.

Check out their amazing aspects

·   Experts like Yoast and WPBeginner recommends Woocommerce for hosting

·   This WordPress agency  development agency has hosted over 2 million active websites on WordPress

24. Bluehost:

This WordPress agency business entity is known as the best website hosting provider across the globe. Moreover, they are highly recommended by official

In addition to this, Blue host is the founder of various brands which include Constant Contact, HostGator, and

Take a look at some of the magnificent features of Bluehost

·   Their brand Constant Contact is widely accepted and is known for beginner-level email marketing service across the world

·   As it is known as the best hosting provider, therefore, it powers nearly 2 million active websites on the internet

·   Moreover, this company owns another popular brand i-e Mojo Marketplace. This company is known for providing immense commercial plugins and themes

25. GoDaddy:

Last but not the least, GoDaddy is the largest domain registering WordPress agency with 78 million domains under it. Therefore, reputed companies and organizations consider GoDaddy a trusted entity. These organizations include Yoast, WP Engine, HarperCollins, and Miami University

Moreover, this company is also known for dealing WordPress agency products like Sucuri and ManageWP

Here come their exciting features

·   Their product Sucuri cleans nearly 700 websites on daily basis

·   ManageWP has earned a great reputation in terms of web managing services. Therefore, it has a great number of loyal customers i-e 60,000


At present, many companies are evolving through WordPress, and sooner they will appear with a thriving business. WordPress agency has created such a significant influence due to which it becomes an essential part of every business.

Even you can come up with an attractive catch domain name that will enhance your sales immensely. Hope that you’ve gathered enough information through this article.



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