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World’s First AI DJ Introduced Through RadioGPT

A groundbreaking moment unfolded at a radio station as they unveiled the world’s first AI DJ through RadioGPT, marking a significant convergence of artificial intelligence and the radio industry. Read more.

KBFF Live 95.5 FM, based in Portland, Oregon, and owned by Alpha Media, introduced RadioGPT software, developed by Future Media, to showcase an artificial intelligence (AI) version of their esteemed host, Ashley Elzinga.

With this pioneering move, Phil Becker, Alpha Media’s EVP of Content, expressed excitement about the station’s increased agility thanks to the incorporation of AI. By leveraging RadioGPT, the radio station can present its content creators across multiple instances and curate timely, relevant, and comprehensive information for its audience and clients.

In a tweet shared by the station, Elzinga is seen introducing the new AI host to her listeners. The video reveals the AI effortlessly playing back Elzinga’s comments, giving the impression of a seamless recording. Elzinga herself humorously remarks, “I guess I have the day off.”

World's First AI DJ Introduced Through RadioGPT

Another video showcases a caller being informed by AI Ashley that they have won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. The AI’s conversational and relaxed tone strikingly resembles the host it was modeled after, adding to the overall surreal experience.

Addressing concerns from local DJs, Alpha Media reassured them that Elzinga would continue to receive her current compensation and that the AI host would not replace her.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Becker emphasized that RadioGPT is designed explicitly as a tool for radio hosts, further highlighting its significance in the industry.

Alpha Media also informed their listeners that they could tune in to Live 95.5 from any bright speaker location between 10 am and 3 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) to experience AI Ashley’s presence firsthand.

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