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World’s Largest Kidney Stone Weighs 800 Grammes Breaks the Record

In a remarkable medical achievement, Sri Lankan military doctors have earned a Guinness World Record for successfully removing the largest kidney stone ever found from a 62-year-old retired soldier.

The stone, extracted from former sergeant Canistus Coonge, weighed a staggering 801 grammes (28.25 ounces), surpassing the weight of an average male kidney by more than five times.

Measuring 13.37 cm (5.26 inches) in length, Coonge’s kidney stone far exceeded the typical size of 10 to 12 cm for an average kidney. The groundbreaking surgical procedure to remove this colossal stone took place on June 1 at the Colombo Army Hospital, as stated by the military.

World's Largest Kidney Stone Weighs 800 Grammes Breaks the Record

Coonge shared his experience with the local Swarnavahini TV, revealing that he had been enduring abdominal pain since 2020 despite taking oral medication that provided no relief. After a recent scan, he was advised to undergo surgery, and now he feels normal again.

The previous record for the most significant and heaviest kidney stone, weighing 620 grams, was held by a patient in Pakistan in 2008, according to Guinness World Records. However, the Sri Lankan case has now surpassed that milestone, as the South China Morning Post reported. Guinness World Records officially recognized this accomplishment on Wednesday.

Army surgeon K. Sutharshan emphasized that the most critical aspect is that Coonge’s kidney is still functioning normally despite the presence of the stone. Kidney stones form when minerals and salts crystallize during the blood filtration process.

When these deposits become too large and obstruct the urinary tract, surgical intervention is necessary for removal. Passing kidney stones can be a harrowing experience.

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