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Zoom Introduces AI Assistant: Here is What You Need to Know

Zoom recently unveiled its latest innovation and added to the software’s never-ending list of new capabilities.

By incorporating artificial intelligence into its Zoom meeting service and launching an intelligent assistant named the Zoom AI Assistant.

By providing elements beyond the meetings, the AI function improves the experience of virtual meetings, especially for distant workers who may need to be more timely or find it difficult to pay attention.

The software that rose to fame during COVID-19 became even more potent for individuals who weren’t in the same physical place as their coworkers when AI was incorporated into it.

For a price, you may use the new AI helper, which has several features. But what’s the cost for Zoom’s AI Companion?

The new AI Companion from Zoom is a feature of any paid plan, but the Zoom One Pro level plan, which costs $150 per year or $16 monthly, is the most cost-effective option, according to Pocket-Lint.

Zoom AI Meeting Assistant Services

Zoom AI Assistant

Zoom AI Assistant aims to increase output, improve team performance, and raise skill levels. It can complete time-consuming activities, speed up lengthy meetings, and help if information needs to be noticed or received late. 

The AI Zoom Meeting also has several capabilities, such as time management, reminders, and task management.

With features like highlights, brilliant chapters, summaries, and next steps for meeting recordings, the AI enables the software to process meeting recordings, enabling compelling viewing even when attendees are absent and organizing conversational segments with topic-tracking indicators and playlists.

Furthermore, it helps you catch up on what you missed during a meeting without interrupting the flow to inquire about the proceedings to date.

The conversational context and user preferences may also be used by Zoom’s AI to produce textual chat answers, enabling message length and tone customization.

The technology can also generate emails, drawing on previous exchanges to produce messages that make sense for your team. Both functions may be utilized to improve team communication.

Additionally, the new AI update will keep you informed about the meeting’s conversations by summarising lengthy written dialogues and providing a summary, sparing you from having to go back and read every message to understand what’s going on.

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