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5 Minute Morning Yoga Best Practices: Golden Steps for Beginners

Is there a way to reduce stress, stay focused, and sleep better? A brief yoga routine to start your day. Let’s start your day with 5-minute Morning Yoga.

Begin in the child’s position. Focus on slowing down your breathing and relaxing your body. Get down on your knees and hands.

Start alternating between rounding up and forward as you inhale and back-bending as you exhale. Repeat 3–5 times. This Morning Yoga routine helps you a lot to stay fresh all day long.

Extend the right arm and left leg while maintaining a neutral spine. Then, circle your back and bring your left knee up to touch your forehead after pausing to engage your core. Straighten your leg and arm. To grip the left ankle or foot, flex your left knee and extend your right hand behind you.

Start doing 5-minute morning yoga, Release the leg and continue with the downward dog. Lunge low with your right leg forward and your left knee hitting the ground. Your right knee should be stacked over your ankle. To feel a stretch along the front of your left hip, raise your arms, extend through your torso, and transfer your weight forward.

morning yoga

Right leg with the lowered right hand. Stretch to the left while raising the torso over.

Return to the centre, raise your hands in the posture of prayer, and then slowly rotate over your front leg, hooking your right elbow (if feasible) on the outside of your right knee. Put your hands together, tense up from the inside out, and gaze over your upper shoulder.

After returning to the centre, raise your arms above and softly arch your back into a bit of backbend. Be careful to tuck in your tummy and lift your chin off your chest.

Place your hands on each side of your right foot as you return to the centre. Push back into the downward dog as you step your right foot back to meet your left. Return to the child’s stance at that point, being sure to go through the entire procedure on the other side.

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