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5 Types of Networking Events Actually Worth Your Time

Only a few people enjoy addressing a room full of strangers and trying to make a lasting impression, especially regarding their professional endeavours. However, networking remains an essential aspect of career growth and advancement.

By engaging in meaningful networking, you can establish valuable connections that lead to job referrals, introductions to industry experts, and the comforting presence of a trusted guide with whom you can share and refine your ideas.

Before delving into the types of networking events worth your time, let’s delve deeper into why Networking Events hold such significance.

What is a Networking Event?

Networking events are organized gatherings where individuals interact with one another to establish valuable connections. The primary distinction between a non-networking event, such as a wedding, and a networking event lies in the attendees’ intention to forge professional relationships.

Moving forward, we will explore networking events in various formats, including in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Hybrid events combine elements; some occur in person, while others are conducted virtually.

The Importance of Networking Events

Networking events are crucial because they are pivotal to your professional success. These events provide opportunities for ambitious individuals to meet, connect, and learn from one another.

In-person networking events are precious as they enable you to establish a stronger emotional connection with your work and the individuals within your industry. The energy emanating from face-to-face conversations and events can rejuvenate your passion for your work or present you with the following exciting job prospect.

On the other hand, virtual or online networking events are highly effective for expanding your network and meeting a diverse range of people. Virtual informational interviews and meet-and-greets allow you to connect with individuals from across the country or even the globe, eliminating the need for travel-related inconveniences.

5 Types of Networking Events

Types of Networking Events Actually Worth Your Time

Despite the inherent awkwardness associated with networking, each type of networking event presents unique opportunities for relationship-building based on your specific goals. With the rise of digital events, numerous options are available to take advantage of.

Here are five career networking events worth your time and some advice on connecting with others.

1. Expert Speaker Events

Make the most of networking events featuring speakers directly addressing topics relevant to your position or department. Stay updated by following industry news outlets, subscribing to experts in your field, or exploring software programs used in your work.

These events provide valuable information and networking opportunities tailored to your work. You might learn about new software tools or gain insights into email marketing trends that you can apply in your job.

Furthermore, you can connect with peers in your industry, discover more about their roles and companies, and exchange business cards and LinkedIn profiles for future opportunities.

2. Roundtable Discussions

Like speaker events, roundtable discussions are ideal for those seeking to expand their knowledge through conversations with peers. Roundtables foster open forums where participants exchange ideas and explore new directions.

Typically, these discussions involve smaller groups, allowing each attendee to participate actively. Event organizers may invite participants strategically, ensuring shared career goals and interests.

If you’re facing a creative block or need fresh perspectives on a project, story, or proposal, roundtable discussions are excellent for breaking out of your rut and forging new connections.

3. Happy Hour Networking Meetups

Happy hour events provide a tried-and-true alternative if you experience anxiety or discomfort in traditional networking settings. These gatherings offer a relaxed atmosphere, making engaging in small talk and approaching strangers easier.

The environment is informal during happy hour, with drinks and appetizers typically served. Attendees mingle with different groups, engaging in shorter discussions, while the event host may deliver a brief speech to welcome participants and explain the event’s objectives.

Happy hour networking meetups provide an excellent opportunity to connect with others in a casual setting.

4. College or University Lectures

Living in a college or university town has its advantages regarding networking. Keep an eye on the events schedule, particularly those related to your industry.

For instance, if you are a teacher, monitor the calendar of events for the Department of Education at your local university. Colleges often invite industry experts and leaders to speak, and these events are often affordable or even accessible.

Additionally, many of these events have transitioned to digital platforms, allowing you to learn and network from the comfort of your own home. The university’s career centre may occasionally host open events worth exploring. Check if these events are open to non-alumni before attending.

5. Company-Specific Informational Interviews

Many companies are now conducting informal informational interviews to identify potential candidates in the digital era. Like in-person events, participants have a designated time to chat with internal employees via video or text before moving on to the next virtual “room.” These events provide a low-pressure opportunity to learn about a company or industry while getting your name out to potential employers.

Incorporating these networking events into your professional life can significantly enhance your career prospects and enable you to establish meaningful connections within your industry.

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