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Andrew Tate Partnered in Casinos with Romanian Organized Crime

Outspoken social media sensation Andrew Tate, known for his controversial views and public statements, made bold claims about his involvement with Romanian gambling kingpins and operating casinos in Romania. However, no evidence was available to support his assertions.

Recent investigations by RISE Project Romania have uncovered a connection between Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan with two alleged organized crime figures, the Doroftei brothers, involving their financial interest in several “Las Vegas” brand casinos. Read more.

The Tates are currently facing charges of rape and human trafficking unrelated to their casino activities.

Contrary to initial skepticism, evidence confirms that Andrew and Tristan Tate had a financial stake in at least six Las Vegas brand casinos in Romania. The partnership involved two alleged organized crime figures known as the Doroftei brothers.

Joint-venture contracts revealed that profits from these casinos were shared between Talisman Enterprises, controlled by the Tate brothers, and DMS Bet Live SRL, owned by the Doroftei brothers. The Dorofteis were licensed to operate fixed-odds betting in Romania, while Talisman lacked the license to operate casinos independently.

Andrew Tate Partnered in Casinos

The Las Vegas Casino Group, a prominent casino chain in Romania, operated over 800 venues nationwide. The Tates’ joint venture with the Dorofteis focused on specific branches of the Las Vegas casinos. Talisman provided commercial space for the casinos, while DMS Bet Live supplied betting terminals.

Additionally, Talisman provided employees and cash-machine equipment in some venues. The agreements prohibited the Tates from engaging in business with any competitors to the Las Vegas casinos. The exact operational dynamics and implementation of this arrangement remain unclear.

The Tate brothers are under investigation for alleged rape and the appearance of a criminal society involved in forced pornography production. However, Romanian authorities have stated that their casino activities are not currently subject to investigation.

Lawyers representing the Tate brothers have not commented on the casino business. The Las Vegas Casino Group confirmed its past business relationship with the Tates but clarified that it has since been terminated.

The Doroftei brothers, Mihăiță and Sorin, were relatively unknown to the public and law enforcement until recently. They had established an extensive network within the Romanian gambling industry, controlling various gambling establishments. Their involvement in the Las Vegas casinos was initially revealed through wiretapped conversations between a local cocaine smuggler and an unnamed influential figure called a “Pole,” suspected to be Mihăiță Doroftei.

Investigations have substantiated Andrew and Tristan Tate’s financial interests in multiple Las Vegas brand casinos in Romania, alongside their alleged partnership with the Doroftei brothers, who have connections to organized crime. Although the Tate brothers face serious charges unrelated to their casino activities, their involvement with these alleged criminal figures raises further questions.

The extent of their partnership, the specific roles they played, and the implications of their association with the Dorofteis in the Romanian gambling industry remain subjects of the ongoing investigation.

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