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Apple is Trying to Trademark Depictions of Actual Apple

Apple Inc. has been actively pursuing a trademark for its logo since 2017 in Switzerland and other countries. They specifically sought intellectual property rights in Switzerland for a black-and-white representation of a Granny Smith apple. Read more.

In 2022, the Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) granted partial approval to Apple’s application, asserting that generic depictions of ordinary objects are part of the public domain.

However, Apple has appealed against the decision, and the details of this appeal are not publicly accessible without the consent of Apple. While the specifics remain undisclosed, it is known that the appeal involves the utilization of audiovisual footage.

Apple is Trying to Trademark Depictions of Actual Apples

If Apple succeeds in the legal battle and secures exclusive rights to its requested depiction of an apple, the implications would extend beyond the technology industry.

The Fruit Union Suisse (FUS), an organization with a longstanding history, employs a logo featuring a red apple adorned with a white Swiss cross. Apple’s claim reportedly extends beyond their iconic bitten apple logo, encompassing all representations of apples. This could potentially compel FUS to alter its logo.

The FUS needs help comprehending Apple’s objective, as they believe that the image of an apple serves as a universally recognized symbol that should be available for unrestricted use by all.

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