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Astronaut Namira Salim will Hoist Pakistani Flag in Space

Astronaut Namira Salim, First Pakistani female astronaut, is preparing for the historical tour to space as she will hoist the Pakistani flag in space. Read more.

As per reports, On October 5, Astronaut Namira Salim will start her heavenly journey. She is adamant about raising Pakistan’s flag in space, and it will be great news for the Government of Pakistan.

Virgin Galactic Holdings, a space tourism company, has announced that the Galactic 04 flight window will depart in October.

After Richard Branson, the founder astronaut of Virgin Galactic, assigned Namira Salim a seat. She has already won the role of Astronaut No. 6. Astronaut 019 will enable her maiden trip into space.

In 2006, Namira Salim received formal recognition from the Pakistani government as the first Pakistani astronaut. She also represented Pakistan as an honorary tourist ambassador in 2007.

Moreover, Namira became the first person from Pakistan to reach the North Pole, where she hoisted the Pakistani flag, and in January 2008, she got the South Pole.

Firs Pakistani Astronaut Namira Salim

Astronaut will Hoist Pakistani Flag in Space

Pakistani female astronaut Namira, who is based in Dubai and previously raised the Pakistani flag near the North Pole in 2007, will set out on her heavenly journey on October 5.

Additionally, Namira made history in 2008 by being the first Asian and the first Pakistani to jump over Mount Everest. ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ (Medal of Excellence) was given to her in 2011.

Namira Salim’s planned trip to space, according to interim minister for information and broadcasting Murtaza Solangi, would mark Pakistan’s increased involvement in space exploration and a significant victory for the country.

She gave the acting minister a briefing on her space mission preparations and expressed her will to hoist the Pakistani flag in space.

The Government of Pakistan, caretaker prime minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar and the people, Solangi, congratulated Namira Saleem on beginning her space mission and sent her best wishes for success.

Solangi described Namira Saleem as a role model for all women and asserted that the younger generation could improve Pakistan’s reputation worldwide in various disciplines.

“This effort of Namira Saleem will highlight the positive image of Pakistan as a peace-loving and progressive country,” he insisted.

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