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Citadel Renewed for Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has officially announced the renewal of the highly acclaimed series Citadel for a second season. The upcoming season will see Joe Russo directing all episodes while David Weil returns as the showrunner.

Citadel, a gripping spy thriller, stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the lead roles alongside the talented ensemble cast of Lesley Manville and Stanley Tucci. The series has garnered immense popularity worldwide, captivating audiences in India, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, the U.K., and the U.S. The entire first season of Citadel will be available for Prime Video customers starting Friday, May 26.

Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon and MGM Studios, expressed her excitement: “Citadel is a truly global phenomenon. We always aimed to create a new franchise based on the original IP that would expand Amazon Prime Video’s international viewership. Read more.

This show has successfully attracted many new international customers to Amazon Prime Video. Its exceptional worldwide debut audience is a testament to the remarkable vision of Joe and Anthony Russo, the incredible talents of Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lesley Manville, and Stanley Tucci, as well as the relentless efforts of the creative teams, cast, and crew.

Given the overwhelming response from our customers, we are delighted not only to make the premiere episode of Citadel available globally without a membership but also to confirm the show’s return for a second season.”

Citadel Renewed for Season 2 at Amazon Prime Video

Executive producers Anthony and Joe Russo of AGBO expressed their enthusiasm for the next chapter of the Spyverse, stating, “AGBO is thrilled to embark on this next phase of the Spyverse with Jen, Vernon, and the entire team at Amazon.

The innovative storytelling of Citadel has paved the way for an incredible worldwide collaboration with creative talents both in front of and behind the camera.”

The official synopsis of Citadel sets the stage for an intriguing narrative: “Eight years ago, Citadel fell. This independent global spy agency, entrusted with maintaining the safety and security of all people, was dismantled by operatives of Manticore, a powerful syndicate operating in the shadows.

Following the fall of Citadel, elite agents Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) had their memories erased as they narrowly escaped with their lives. Since then, they have lived in hiding, assuming new identities, oblivious to their past.

However, one fateful night, Mason is approached by his former Citadel colleague, Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci), who urgently seeks assistance preventing Manticore from establishing a new world order.

Mason seeks out his former partner, Nadia, and the two spies embark on a globe-trotting mission to thwart Manticore while navigating a relationship built on secrets, lies, and dangerous yet enduring love.”

Citadel is a collaboration between Amazon Studios and AGBO, the production company founded by the Russo Brothers. The executive producers include Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, Angela Russo-Otstot, and Scott Nemes for AGBO, with David Weil serving as the showrunner and executive producer.

Midnight Radio’s Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg also serve as executive producers. Additionally, Newton Thomas Sigel and Patrick Moran contribute to this thrilling series as executive producers. Here are much more for you. So, don’t forget to watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

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