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First Robotic Surgery Performed in Pakistan at JPMC Karachi

A team from Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) performed the first robotic surgery at the Karachi hospital, which was a historic breakthrough.

The Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) in Karachi has completed the first robotic surgery. Read more.

A 34-year-old patient had state-of-the-art gallstone surgery using the most recent robotic surgical instruments, according to the JPMC director, reported by The Nations.

The surgical team led by Drs. Saddam and Dr. Mansab completed this Milestone procedure in just 25 minutes under the direction of Prof. Dr. Shahid Rasool, Executive Director of Jinnah Hospital, according to a JPMC official.

The JPMC spokesperson reported that a 34-year-old patient had surgery to remove gallstones from the gallbladder using cutting-edge robotic surgical methods.

First Robotic Surgery

This first surgery in Pakistan was carried out by a group of qualified medical professionals led by JPMC Executive Director Prof. Dr. Shahid Rasul, Dr. Saddam, and Dr. Munsab. It was successfully finished in just 25 minutes.

First Robotic surgery, hailed as the most recent development in surgical methods, expands the field of general surgery. It excels as a less invasive and uncomfortable substitute for lower abdominal regions treatments. He said the patient’s quick recovery underlines the value of this novel strategy.

This surgery, which enables precise interventions in various surgical domains, is the cutting-edge frontier of surgical techniques. Additionally, it provides a more pleasant and pain-free experience, especially for lower abdominal surgeries.

Additionally, the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI), also completed the first robotic operation ever in a public hospital at Lahore, Pakistan.

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