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Google AI Tool Lets You Try Clothes Before Buying Them

Google is introducing AI tools in text and image generation and is expanding its offerings to assist with shopping experiences.

In addition to its advertising and product sales, Google has introduced a new shopping feature that allows customers in the United States to virtually “try on” women’s tops.

This innovative tool by Google utilizes AI renditions of clothing items from various brands, enabling users to visualize how the garments would fit and look on their bodies. Explore more.

Development Process

To create this tool, Google combined authentic model images with its Shopping Graph. The company obtained the necessary data by accurately determining models’ sizes during photoshoots and referencing sizing charts from different brands.

Matching photos of models wearing shirts in various poses, Google used this information to generate additional images of the shirts from different angles. They seamlessly integrated ideas of clothing items sourced from merchants with images of Google’s virtual models, resulting in a diverse collection of highly realistic images for users to explore.


Google AI Tool for Try Clothes

Users will now see a “Try On” badge next to relevant clothing items when searching for shirts. Clicking on this badge brings up a list of models, allowing users to scroll through and explore the available options.

Each shirt is accompanied by a comprehensive selection of 40 female models, ensuring representation for multiple sizes.


Google’s AI tool for trying clothes virtually enhances the online shopping experience by allowing users to visualize how garments would look on their own bodies. By incorporating authentic model images and leveraging AI-generated renditions, Google has created a diverse and realistic collection of photos for customers to browse.

This innovative feature is a testament to Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

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