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Google Bard AI Chatbot is Now Available in Europe

Google’s Bard AI chatbot has received an update, bringing new features to enhance user experience in Europe. Read more.

Notably, Bard (chatbot) can now speak its responses, allowing users to hear the answers instead of reading them.

In a recent blog post, Google highlighted the benefits of this feature, such as helping with pronunciation or enjoying the recitation of poems and scripts. By entering a prompt and selecting the sound icon, users can access spoken responses in over 40 languages.

Another significant addition to Bard chatbot is the ability to include images in prompts. This feature was previously showcased at Google’s I/O conference in May and is now available in English, with plans for expansion into more languages in the future. Google suggests using this feature to request assistance in creating humorous captions for images, like a snapshot of two dogs.

Google Bard AI Chatbot in Europe

Moreover, Google has introduced several other new features to enhance the chatbot experience further. Users can now pin and rename conversations, share responses with friends, and customize the tone and style of Bard’s responses.

Initially launched in March, Bard was limited to users in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, Google has been steadily expanding its availability to more countries.

Recently, the company made Bard accessible in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Brazil. This expansion into Europe marks a significant milestone, as the planned launch in the EU was initially delayed due to privacy concerns. With the availability of Bard in the EU, a wider audience can now benefit from the chatbot’s capabilities.

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