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Google Celebrates Star Wars Day With a Fun Grogu Easter Egg

To commemorate Star Wars Day, Google has created a delightful surprise for franchise fans. Check the highlights below.

In celebration of the occasion, Google has hidden a charming Grogu Easter egg in their search bar. Grogu, or as he is more popularly known, Baby Yoda, has captured the hearts of many with his cute and endearing antics.

To witness this adorable Easter egg in action, type “Grogu” or “Baby Yoda” into the Google Search bar, and the little green character will pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Google celebrates Star Wars Day with a fun Grogu Easter egg

With a click on him, you will witness him using his mighty Force powers to dismantle the top section of the search results. It’s a fun way to experience Star Wars Day and glimpse the beloved Baby Yoda in action.

There is also a piece of good news that Google is launching an App growth lab in Pakistan. Don’t miss out to read this amazing piece of writing.

For those who can’t get enough of Grogu, he is the breakout star of the Disney+ original series “The Mandalorian,” which recently concluded its third season. Since its debut on Disney+ in November 2019, the character has become a fan favorite and has amassed a massive following.

Whether you are browsing on your mobile or desktop, Baby Yoda’s mischievous antics can be experienced on both versions of Google. So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the cute Easter egg on this particular occasion as the beloved Grogu works his magic on your search results.

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