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Govt. Announces Welfare-Oriented Budget for Next Financial Year

Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar, revealed on Sunday that the government is set to unveil the fiscal year 2023-24 budget that prioritizes people’s welfare, promotes investment, and fosters a business-friendly environment. Read more.

Speaking to a private news channel, he emphasized the government’s commitment to providing maximum relief to the public.

The current administration has diligently implemented long-term policies to ensure sustainable economic growth and achieve the country’s economic targets.

The government’s focus lies in delivering relief to both individuals and businesses. Minister Dar stated that their goal is to propel the country forward while minimizing the burden on the business community. He dismissed concerns about Pakistan defaulting, asserting that the nation had overcome serious challenges under the incumbent government’s leadership.

Govt to announce people welfare-oriented budget by Ishaq Dar

In his criticism of the opposition party (PTI), he urged party leaders to prioritize the country’s well-being instead of undermining state institutions and tarnishing the nation’s reputation. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts for the welfare of the country.

Minister Dar acknowledged the need to provide additional budget incentives when asked about support for traders. He assured that the government is actively working on long-term proposals to uplift the trading sector and steer the country on the right path.

As the government prepares to present the budget, its focus on people’s welfare, investment promotion, and a business-friendly environment demonstrates its commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth and addressing the nation’s needs.

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