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How To Monetize A Facebook Account?

How To Monetize A Facebook Account?

Everyone wants to earn money through multiple means. In this way, Facebook will help you a lot. You just need to get the Facebook stars.

Facebook Stars is a must-have tool that enables you to monetize a Facebook Account like videos, images, reels, stories, etc. Facebook Stars may be enabled automatically for your public Reels and video content.

You must match the qualifying conditions listed below to monetize the Stars you obtain.

Here is how you can get Facebook stars and earn money.

  • The Community Standards must be met.
  • Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies must be met, and you must continue to comply with them.
  • You must get 1,000 followers in 2 months (60 consecutively days)
  • You must be a citizen of a Stars-eligible country.
  • The Stars Terms and Conditions must be accepted.

If you follow all these instructions and requirements, you will be qualified for Facebook monetization.

How To Check The Eligibility of Facebook Account Monetization?

Once you have done the above requirements, you just need to assure yourself that you are eligible for Facebook monetization. Here is a complete procedure to check your eligibility for monetization. Social Media is paying a lot, you just need to learn. Let’s explore these tips and earn a lot.

To see if you’re qualified to monetize Facebook Stars on Pages:

  • Visit Creator Studio online.
  • To check the suitability of your Page for Stars, click the Monetization option on the menu’s left side.
  • Check your profile’s eligibility to earn money from Facebook Stars in business mode here:
  • Go to your mobile expert account.
  • To check the validity of your page for Stars, click on Stars under Tools.
  • If you are qualified to monetize Stars, you can activate Stars in this interface.

How Much Is A Facebook Star Worth?

So, now you may be thinking that how much is a Facebook star worth. Don’t worry! We have covered all the things in this blog.

Facebook will give you $0.01 US for each Star you earn. Your public Reels and video uploads might have Facebook Stars enabled by default.

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