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In India, News channel introduces AI News Reporter

In advancing media technology, an Odia-based news station in India, Odisha TV, has introduced its AI news reporter.

Lisa, the AI News Reporter, aims to revolutionize television broadcasting and journalism. However, AI is also predicted to change the Future of Journalism.

According to the official announcement made by OTV, Lisa possesses the ability to communicate in multiple languages. In addition to English, she will seamlessly present news updates in Odia, catering to OTV and its digital platforms.

In a video shared by the Indian broadcaster, Lisa, an AI news reporter, made her debut appearance, impressing viewers with her fluent English and lifelike presence. She considered her launch a “historic moment” and hinted at hosting news updates in the future.

OTV also acknowledged the significant challenge of training Lisa to deliver news in Odia, emphasizing their ongoing efforts to make her proficient in the language. The ultimate goal is to enhance her capabilities to interact with others effortlessly.

The channel encourages viewers to connect with Lisa on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, indicating the potential for further engagement and interaction with the AI news presenter.

Interestingly, another Indian channel based in Kannada has also introduced its AI presenter, Soundarya, who hosts her news show, reported by The News International.

In her debut appearance, Soundarya highlighted the growing influence of AI in various industries, including the TV news industry. She referred to her colleague, an AI news reporter in North India, and proudly introduced herself as South India’s first robotic anchor by Power TV.

This recent development follows the footsteps of the India Today Group, which previously launched its own AI news anchor, Sana. Described as bright, gorgeous, ageless, and tireless, Sana can speak multiple languages and be easily controlled.

With the introduction of AI news anchors like Lisa, Soundarya, and Sana, it is evident that India is witnessing a significant advancement in AI technology within the media landscape. These AI presenters represent a new era in television broadcasting, promising viewers an innovative and engaging news-watching experience.

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