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In Pakistan, Police Launched AI-powered System to track Criminals

Lahore, Pakistan: Punjab Police has unveiled its latest artificial intelligence-powered ‘Facial Recognition System (FTS)’ in Lahore.

The cutting-edge technology is designed to create an extensive database comprising over 18 million records of individuals, including suspects and wanted criminals, to aid law enforcement officers in locating and identifying them across the Punjab province.

According to Dawn, The Face Trace System (FTS) is the brainchild of the Punjab Police’s Information Technology (IT) wing, developed in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The system’s launch was officiated by Inspector General Police (IGP) Dr. Usman Anwar.

At the same time, DIG Ahsan Younas, who heads the IT Wing, played a pivotal role in gathering data from various sections and organizations within the Punjab police to facilitate the system’s development.

By implementing FTS, investigating officers nationwide have an efficient and streamlined identification process. Gone are the days of relying on traditional methods that involved physically visiting different locations, leading to considerable time and resource wastage.

The new system allows officers to instantly verify and identify suspects and criminals with just a press of a button through the online platform.

Punjab Police Launched AI-powered System

The compiled data for the system comprises an impressive 16 million records and pictures from the driving licenses branch, 1.8 million records from the Crime Record Branch, 1.3 million from the Punjab Khidmat Marakaz, and 300,000 records of accused individuals and criminals from Punjab prisons.

Moreover, the FTS will also assist in identifying and tracing suspects caught on CCTV cameras and other sources, making it a comprehensive tool for criminal identification.

The AI-powered FTS is designed to be compatible with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, ensuring accurate and swift criminal identification, which leads to quicker arrests.

Both the IGP and Mr. Younas emphasized their commitment to further improve the system by incorporating training, integration, and feedback from the police force. They have plans to link the system with databases of other institutions, which will enhance its capabilities even further.

PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf, Additional DG Qasim Afzal, Chief Technical Officer Adil Iqbal, and Project Director Asim Iqbal were present at the ceremony, where they expressed their support for the system’s potential and its future integration with platforms such as e-police post and crime prevention apps.

Introducing Punjab Police’s AI-powered Facial Recognition System marks a significant milestone in law enforcement, promising increased efficiency and reliability in pursuing justice. As the system undergoes continuous refinement based on feedback and advancements, it is expected to bolster the police force’s crime-fighting capabilities significantly.

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