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Israel vs Palestine: Israel PM declared “We Are at War”

In a surprise strike, the Islamist organization Hamas launched thousands of missiles into Israel from the Gaza Strip, leaving at least 22 people dead and hundreds more injured.

On Saturday morning, large black smoke plumes rose from several Israeli cities.

In response to Hamas’s surprise attack, Israel strikes targets in Gaza, with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu declaring: “We are at war, and we will win.”

According to Israel’s defense minister, Hamas has “launched a war,” and its soldiers were “fighting against the enemy at every location.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, declared in a statement: “We are at war, and we will win.”

“Our enemy will pay a price the like of which it has never known,” Mr. Netanyahu continued.

Israel PM

According to the Israeli Air Force, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) fighter planes attacked several Hamas military installations and operational command centers in the Gaza Strip as retaliation for the incursion.

According to Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine, the Palestinian people have a right to self-defense against the “terror of settlers and occupation of troops”.

Jerusalem hits Gaza Strip targets and mobilizes reserves in the new Israel-Gaza conflict. Israel’s health ministry said that 545 Israelis had been hurt.

This makes the incident the worst on Israeli soil in years, along with the number of deaths thus far. Images on social media showed burning automobiles and destroyed structures. You can watch videos and images on Sky News.

In other phone footage, Hamas terrorists can be seen trying to cross the border into Israel in tiny boats. Near a rare move, some fighters even appear to have crossed the border using paragliders, arriving near Sderot, where gunfights have been reported.

They were captured on security camera footage riding motorcycles and pick-up trucks into the city.

Israel’s southern and central regions were filled with air raid sirens, and Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Yavne, and Kfar Aviv all experienced explosions.

According to a rescue organization, a rocket that struck a building in southern Israel badly injured a 70-year-old lady. For more updates, stay tuned with Get Top Trends.

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