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Microsoft Teams Introduces New Zoom Controls for Screen Sharing

Microsoft has introduced a new zoom controls feature in the preview for Microsoft Teams to enhance the screen-sharing experience during meetings and calls.

This update from Microsoft Teams, allows participants to zoom in and out while viewing shared content conveniently, such as Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. Let’s explore it.

Improved Accessibility for Users with Low Vision or Visual Impairment

Previously, Microsoft Teams only supported pinch-to-zoom gestures or other shortcuts for content viewing. However, with the new zoom controls, meeting attendees now have dedicated buttons to zoom in, zoom out, and restore the original size of the incoming screen share. This feature is particularly beneficial for users with low vision or visual impairment, as it greatly enhances their viewing experience.

Accessing Zoom Controls and Preview Program

Microsoft Teams for New Zoom

To access the Zoom controls, IT admins must sign up for the Microsoft Teams public preview program and configure an updated policy in the Microsoft Teams admin center. It’s important to note that participants using the watermarking feature during Teams meetings won’t be able to view the Zoom controls.

Availability for Desktop and Web Users

The zoom controls feature is currently available in the Microsoft Teams app for Windows, macOS, and the web app. However, whether Microsoft plans to include zoom controls in the Teams mobile clients remains to be seen.

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Microsoft Teams Continues to Enhance User Experience

With the introduction of Zoom controls in Teams meetings, Microsoft aims to improve the screen-sharing experience for its users. By providing convenient zooming options and addressing accessibility needs, Microsoft Teams is further enhancing its position as a leading communication and collaboration platform.

Additionally, the upcoming Teams 2.0 client, which has already made its way to public preview on Windows, promises improved performance and reduced power consumption on Windows devices, signaling Microsoft’s commitment to continually improve the Teams experience for its users across various platforms.

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