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Mobile Networks Could Shut Down Due to Heavy Cyclone

Karachi-Pakistan: In the face of an imminent threat posed by cyclone Biparjoy, Mobile Network services are at risk of severe disruptions due to heavy rainfall, authorities cautioned on Tuesday. Read more.

Cyclone Biparjoy, bearing sustained wind speeds of 125-135 km (78-84 miles) per hour and gusts reaching up to 150 km (93 miles) per hour, is projected to make landfall between Mandvi in Gujarat, India, and Karachi, Pakistan, on Thursday afternoon.

With the Cyclone intensifying, the Sindh health department issued a statement alerting the public about the potential shutdown of mobile networks during the inclement weather. Concurrently, authorities have evacuated thousands of individuals residing in vulnerable areas.

Mobile Networks Could Shut Down Due to Heavy Cyclone

Karachi health department has warned medical facilities and doctors, urging people to remain indoors as the province braces for rainfall between 60mm and 100mm due to heavy cyclone.

Cyclone and heavy rains may cause adverse drainage conditions that can lead to traffic congestion on highways, and the possibility of road blockages due to excessive rainwater is a concern, as highlighted by the department.

Furthermore, citizens have been advised to steer clear of electricity poles and wires. In case of emergencies, individuals can contact the helpline at 1092.

Fishermen along the coastal regions of southern areas have been instructed to refrain from venturing out to sea, while those already at sea have been directed to return to shore.

The National Disaster Management Authority is actively disseminating preventive measures in the southern and southeastern parts that are likely to be impacted.

“The extent of the cyclone’s impact will be more accurately determined as the situation unfolds,” stated the authority.

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