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Movement To Support Ethical Practices In Pakistan by Ethical Pro

Date: July 8, 2023

A prominent organization, Ethical Pro, has taken a significant step toward addressing the long-standing ethical issues faced by businesses in Pakistan. Read more to participate.

In coordination with a leading religious authority in Pakistan, the Markazi Ulama Council, they are organizing a conference titled “JHOOT NAHI BOLEN GE” on Saturday, July 8, 2023, to remove unethical practices.

Ethical Pro, a pioneering organization dedicated to promoting and supporting ethical practices in Pakistan, aims to rebuild trust and integrity within the country’s business landscape. By connecting scholars, influencers, and organizations, their mission is to impart ethical knowledge, values, and principles to foster integrity and accountability.

Moreover, Ethical Pro has also been able to work on a few slogans to promote ethics, especially the slogan “Karobar Jata Hai To Jai Jhoot Nahi Bolen Ge” which went viral on thousands of social media walls in the Pakistani community.

Movement To Support Ethical Practices In Pakistan by Ethical Pro

The upcoming conference by Ethical Pro will serve as a platform for scholars to interact with businesses and organizations, providing valuable insights and suggestions to address the ethical practices related to business integrity. It is noteworthy that this gathering will remain free from any political or religious influence, focusing solely on supporting communities with the best ethical practices.

Attendees can look forward to hearing from influencers, CXOs from various business communities, especially the IT sector, and respected scholars from Quran teaching schools. These distinguished individuals will provide valuable suggestions and strategies to address the challenges surrounding business integrity.

As Pakistan strives to overcome its ethical issues, the efforts of Ethical Pro and the collective involvement of scholars, influencers, and businesses hold promise for a brighter and more ethically sound future for the nation. You can also request to join from the following link:

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