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Pakistani Govt. Banned on Waving Political Flags on this 14 August

As the impending celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14th approaches, the government in Islamabad has enacted a series of distinctive regulations.

Notably, the Pakistani Govt. banned waving the national flag with flags representing political parties, as reported by Pakistan Today.

Additionally, arranging political party flags adjacent to the national flag within commercial vending spaces is prohibited.

The Islamabad law enforcement authorities have been directed to meticulously oversee their respective jurisdictions, explicitly focusing on curbing the distribution of vuvuzelas.

This decision emerged after a judicial observation raised concerns regarding the potential auditory disturbances caused by these particular novelty instruments.

In response to these concerns, the judiciary has called upon the relevant authorities to take decisive measures to prevent the sale and utilization of vuvuzelas during the upcoming Independence Day festivities.

Pakistani Govt Banned on Political Flags on this 14 August

Traditionally, the period leading up to Independence Day witnesses the availability of vuvuzelas at various market stalls and other items.

To address this concern, Judge Syed Anwar Ali Shah has issued stringent instructions to the police force to adopt resolute actions against the trade and utilization of vuvuzelas, which are renowned for their high noise levels.

Furthermore, the judiciary has urged law enforcement personnel within designated areas to rigorously enforce measures to apprehend individuals who sell and use these clamorous playthings.

Compliance with the regulatory guidelines outlined within the Pakistan Penal Code will be closely followed to maintain order and ensure a harmonious celebration of the nation’s Independence Day.

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