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Palace May Have Offered Prince Harry to Join King Charles

The palace reportedly extended an offer to Prince Harry, proposing his participation in the company of King Charles during a momentous occasion. Read More.

Before this historic day, speculations were rife that the Duke of Sussex might not be granted permission to join the new monarch owing to his status as a non-working royal.

Nonetheless, in a conversation with Spin Genie, Grant Harrold, a former royal butler, shared insights suggesting that Harry may have been invited but opted not to appear alongside his family due to their ongoing rift.

Harrold acknowledged the complexity of the situation, pointing out that other non-working members of the Royal family were present, including the page boys.

“It would have been a nice gesture for Harry to be present, but ultimately, it was a decision they chose to make,” remarked the insider. “We cannot discount the possibility that they did extend an invitation to him, and he declined.”

Prince Harry to join King Charles

The former butler expressed his regret at the missed opportunity to witness a united gathering of the Royal family on this momentous day. He emphasized Prince Harry’s position in the third row at Westminster Abbey. He clarified that although he was slightly set back, he remained within the designated Royal area, seated alongside other family members.

Prince Harry did not actively participate during the service like his brother William did, which adhered to established traditions, protocols, and etiquette. This disparity is considered customary and should not raise eyebrows.

However, observers did notice Harry’s occasional glances toward William during the ceremony. It is unclear whether these gestures conveyed thoughts about William shouldering significant responsibilities akin to their father or if the complexities of their relationship influenced them.

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