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Tech Giants Joined to Challenge Google & Apple’s Map Domination

A coalition of rival tech giants has taken a major step by releasing its open-source map to challenge the long-standing domination of Google and Apple maps.

It has known as the Overture Maps Foundation. This consortium comprises Meta, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and TomTom.

According to CNBC, the newly released map boasts an impressive collection of over 59 million “points of interest,” encompassing various categories like restaurants, landmarks, streets, and regional borders.

The dataset was meticulously compiled by collating, verifying, and validating open-source map data, supplemented by contributions from the members of the Overture Maps Foundation.

One of the significant advantages of this initiative is that companies will now have the opportunity to construct and operate their maps using the base map provided by the Overture Maps Foundation.

Tech giants Challenged Google and Apple's Map Domination

Numerous apps rely heavily on base maps to facilitate their services, including ride-hailing apps, food delivery services, courier companies, and weather services.

Traditionally, these companies have relied on Google and Apple’s map data, incurring costs whenever they access it. However, the drawback is that they have limited control over the maps and access to the underlying data is not granted by Google and Apple.

In contrast, the Overture Maps Foundation aims to change this dynamic. According to TechCrunch, the Foundation offers access to the underlying map data, allowing companies to build their software and services on top of it.

This joint effort by tech giants to provide an open-source map alternative could disrupt the market dominance of Google and Apple in the mapping industry, and it could lead to a more diverse and competitive landscape in map services across various applications and platforms.

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