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Threads, an Instagram App: A New Way to Share Text Posts

Threads (app), a cutting-edge app developed by the Instagram team, is here to revolutionize how you share text updates and participate in public discussions. Read more.

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled it. Threads marks a significant milestone as an app built specifically for text-based content. Whether you’re an established creator or a casual poster, Threads offers a dedicated space for real-time updates and vibrant public conversations.

Threads, an Instagram App

Instagram, a platform where billions of people connect through captivating photos and videos, has inspired a vision for Threads. Leveraging Instagram’s strengths, Meta aims to expand those qualities to include text, fostering a positive and creative environment for expressing your ideas.

Like on Instagram, Threads enables you to effortlessly follow and connect with friends and creators who share your interests, including those beyond your Instagram network. Furthermore, you can use our comprehensive safety measures and user controls, ensuring a secure experience.

Join the Engaging Discourse on Instagram Threads

Threads, an Instagram App

Getting started with Threads is a breeze: simply use your existing Instagram account to log in. Your Instagram username and verification details will seamlessly transfer over, with the added option to personalize your profile exclusively for Threads.

For users under 16 years old (or under 18 in certain countries), Meta has taken the initiative to set up private profiles as the default option upon joining Threads. You can follow the same accounts you do on Instagram while discovering even more individuals who share your passions.

Moreover, Threads inherits the core accessibility features available on Instagram, including screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

Your Threads feed encompasses posts from the accounts you follow and recommended content from new creators waiting to be discovered. With a generous limit of 500 characters, your posts can incorporate links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in duration. Sharing your Threads posts to your Instagram story or distributing them as links across various platforms has always been challenging.

Experience Threads, the innovative app where text thrives, conversations flourish, and connections transcend boundaries.

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