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Top 6 Brand Design Trends For 2023 & 2024

In the current landscape, visual content has ascended to paramount importance. For brands, possessing a visually compelling identity that can instantly seize attention and leave an indelible mark on consumers’ minds is of the utmost significance.

When consumers encounter a brand’s designs, they seek to uncover the genuine essence of the brand – how it embodies its core values. Furthermore, they crave brand designs that forge personal connections by emanating aspirational, comforting, or experiential vibes.

This comprehensive report delves into the prevailing brand design aesthetics that have taken centre stage recently, including line-art illustrations, minimalism, and others.

Additionally, we will examine various Brand Design companies seamlessly integrating these trends into their branding strategies.

Brand Design Trends

1. Resonating with Nostalgia: ’70s and ’90s Inspiration

Harnessing the nostalgic allure of bygone eras has proven a potent strategy for brands seeking to evoke sentiments of the “good old days.” Irrespective of the specific decade referenced, classic designs tend to evoke feelings of happiness and tranquillity in consumers.

The resurgence of the carefree 1970s vibe is notably prevalent, characterized by earthy colour palettes accentuating warm hues like browns, reds, and oranges. Serif fonts and undulating lines are also experiencing heightened popularity.

Meanwhile, other brands are revisiting the ’90s and early 2000s aesthetics in their designs, exemplified by Pepsi’s recent revamp inspired by their ’90s logo.

Brand Design Trends

Research indicated that consumer memory of the Pepsi logo was remarkably aligned with the design from 1987 to 1997.

2. Abstract Forms Over Letters: Pioneering Distinctive Experiences

A notable trend in recent months is the inclination of many brands to imbue their logos and marketing materials with a lighter, more abstract aura.

Brands embracing this trend aim to swiftly communicate a unique sensation to consumers, thereby enabling a meaningful brand experience in a single glance. Given the prevailing brevity of consumer attention spans, this rapid visual communication has assumed heightened significance.

Nokia is a prime example, as its enduring logo underwent a modern, slightly abstract transformation in early 2023.

Brand Design Trends

This revamped logo, featuring removed portions of letters and a brighter blue hue, epitomizes the company’s dynamic and contemporary approach to B2B technology. Other brands are also opting to substitute entire letters with shapes and symbols intrinsic to their brand identity.

3. Reviving Mascots: Nostalgia and Emotional Connections

The resurgence of mascots, reminiscent of nostalgia, is gaining momentum. Notable mascots such as Mr Clean, the Michelin Man, and the Energizer Bunny from yesteryears have laid the foundation, but contemporary brands also recognize the potential of mascots. Mascots offer a means to elevate brand loyalty, bolster brand recall, and establish differentiation among competitors.

The research underscores that brand mascots can augment emotional connections with customers by over 40%. A noteworthy evolution is the humanization of mascots, evidenced by their playful presence on social media and engaging expressions on product packaging.

4. Authenticity through Illustrations: Meeting Consumer Demands

In the modern landscape, consumers demand authenticity from brands. Research by Forrester reveals that 71% of consumers seek relatability in authentic brands, leading to enhanced confidence in the brand’s products.

Authenticity begets emotional bonds between consumers and brands, culminating in dissemination of positive brand experiences through word-of-mouth. Authenticity plays a pivotal role in influencing purchasing decisions; 57% of consumers are inclined to spend more on brands they feel connected to, while 76% prefer authentic brands over competitors.

5. Enduring Appeal of Minimalism: Simplistic Elegance

The minimalist design aesthetic, which emerged in response to Millennial preferences, continues to influence in 2023.

Research indicates that approximately 60% of prominent brands have adopted minimalistic logos. This trend’s allure lies in the tranquil monochromatic colour palettes and uncluttered designs that resonate with consumers in an emotionally charged post-pandemic world.

Luxury brands gravitate towards minimalism for their sleek lines and understated elegance. Moreover, the practicality of minimalist designs shines through, particularly in confined spaces like app icons and social media profiles, where simplicity shines, and overcrowded designs risk overwhelming limited pixel space.

6. Designing Sustainability: Beyond Green Imagery

Consumer sentiment towards sustainability is palpable. A report from Morning Consult underscored that around 60% of surveyed participants consider purchasing products from sustainably focused brands. This sentiment spans diverse industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, and retail.

Further emphasizing this stance, 78% of individuals deem eco-friendly product purchases important, with 74% expressing willingness to pay a premium. This pivotal shift underscores the role of brand design for sustainability-oriented companies.

In 2023, these companies are transcending green imagery, infusing their designs with sustainable values through forward-looking design elements that subtly communicate authenticity and relatability.


In modern branding, establishing emotional connections with consumers takes precedence. Brands adopt diverse strategies, whether by rejuvenating historical designs, embracing minimalist aesthetics, or fostering connections through relatable mascots.

The thread that unites them all is authenticity, with brands that embody this ethos poised to resonate most powerfully with consumers and secure an enduring position in the brand landscape of the future.

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