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Twitter is Now Sharing Ads Revenue with Users

It’s getting a trend that Twitter is paying ads revenue to creators. But how much there is truth? Let’s see.

Yes, Twitter has recently unveiled its much-anticipated Ads Revenue Sharing program, which aims to provide monetary incentives to select users for their tweeting efforts.

Under the Twitter Ads Revenue, users and professional creators can earn income by participating in the “Twitter Ads Revenue” and “Creator Subscriptions” programs.

Steps to Follow for Twitter Ads Revenue

To be eligible for the Ads Revenue Sharing program, users must sign up for Twitter Blue or be affiliated with Verified Organizations.

Additionally, individuals must meet specific criteria, including having at least five million impressions on their posts in the past three months.

Users and creators must also comply with Twitter’s Creator Monetization Standards, encompassing age, location, and activity on the platform.

Ads Revenue Sharing Program by Twitter

Twitter Ads Revenue with Users

The Ads Revenue Sharing program is initially being rolled out to a select group of invited users, Twitter plans to expand the initiative. The company intends to make Creator Ads Revenue Sharing available in all countries where Stripe, a popular online payment processing platform, supports payouts.

However, users in India will have to wait for this feature, as it has yet to be available in the country. Twitter, though, has indicated that it may review this policy in the future.

Evidence of the program’s success is already emerging, with notable users like Mr. Beast (James Donaldson), a renowned YouTuber, reportedly earning $25,000 (approximately Rs 21 lakh) from Twitter through the ad-sharing revenue. Numerous other users have also received substantial compensation, with some receiving over Rs 5 lakh.

Twitter is actively working on launching a dedicated portal or page to facilitate the application process for ad revenue sharing. Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, announced this program in February, creating much anticipation among users.

Twitter Ads Revenue Experienced by Creators

Several creators have already started sharing their experiences and earnings from the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. Twitter Daily, a prominent Twitter page dedicated to news related to Elon Musk’s ventures, highlighted that one user (RaptalkSK) received $2,236 (approximately Rs 1.8 lakh) from Twitter. RaptalkSK tweeted about this revenue enthusiastically, stating, “Officially quit my job. Putting my all into making tweets, call me dumb. I don’t care. Going to make my dreams a reality.”

Another user, “levels,” shared that they received $3,899 (approximately Rs 3.1 lakh) for five months of tweeting, amounting to around 250,000,000 impressions or a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of $0.01.

Even Elon Musk qualifies for the ad revenue-sharing program, given that his profile is verified and meets all the necessary criteria. When a curious user inquired about his potential earnings, Musk humorously said he had contributed his share to “the creator payout pool.”

Twitter’s timing in launching this program is noteworthy, as it comes amidst the growing competition from Threads by Meta, a social media platform operated by Meta, formerly Facebook. By introducing the Ads Revenue Sharing program, Twitter aims to retain its loyal creators and users, offering them an attractive incentive currently absent from Meta’s offerings.

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