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WhatsApp has Deprecated its Electron-Based App on Windows

WhatsApp Electron-Based App on Windows

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform Meta owns, has officially deprecated its Electron-based desktop app on Windows, according to a report from WABetaInfo.

This means that the app will no longer receive updates or support, and users are encouraged to switch to the new native app for an optimized and feature-rich experience on desktop devices.

Once the WhatsApp Electron-based version expires, users will receive a prompt to transition to the new native app to continue using WhatsApp on their computers.

However, this transition has received criticism from users who rely on the business tools provided by the deprecated version, such as quick replies and catalog management, for effective customer communication.

WhatsApp had notified users about the deprecation well in advance, displaying a countdown on the app’s main screen. Upon opening the Electron-based WhatsApp Desktop application, users will see an expiration message and a button redirecting them to download the new native app.

WhatsApp Electron-Based App on Windows

It’s important to note that the deprecation of the Electron app only applies to WhatsApp Desktop for Windows. The Electron framework allows developers to create cross-platform desktop applications. Still, the native apps offer a smoother user interface, better responsiveness, and enhanced stability, resulting in a more reliable messaging service.

To continue accessing WhatsApp on their desktops without interruption, users must transition from the deprecated Electron version to the native app. They can download the native desktop app for Windows from the Microsoft Store. At the same time, those who require access to business tools can temporarily use WhatsApp Web.

The WhatsApp news tracker hopes the native app will soon incorporate the business features, addressing the concerns of users who rely on these tools.

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