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WhatsApp will not Introduce Ads, CEO Will Cathcart Says

The CEO of WhatsApp denied a Financial Times (FT) article that stated WhatsApp was thinking about adding WhatsApp ads to increase income.

On the Elon Musk-owned X, formerly known as Twitter, Will Cathcart addressed the situation by sharing the FT news and declaring: “This @FT story is fake. We don’t carry out this.

The teams at Meta were considering whether to provide ads for WhatsApp conversation lists with connections. Still, decisions have yet to be taken, according to FT sources with knowledge of the issue.

According to the article, the business was also thinking of charging a subscription fee for ad-free access to WhatsApp, as reported by Reuters.

In a later statement, WhatsApp told the Financial Times that “we can’t account for every conversation someone had in our company, but we are not testing this, working on it, and it’s not our plan at all.”

WhatsApp Ads

Numerous business executives were reportedly opposed to WhatsApp’s purported most recent action of WhatsApp Ads, according to a report from Geo News. However, Meta has not responded to Cathcart’s allegations or the FT investigation.

To increase interaction on its platforms, Meta recently added more than 150 countries to WhatsApp Channels, a broadcast tool that enables users to get personal updates from athletes, thought leaders, and celebrities. In the upcoming weeks and months, the service will be accessible on a worldwide scale.

The purpose of Meta has always been to raise WhatsApp income, and in 2014, Meta’s Facebook spent $19 billion to purchase WhatsApp, a messaging software that has always been free to use.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s forecast expressed last year that WhatsApp and Messenger will lead the company’s next wave of sales expansion, business communications are “probably going to be the next major pillar” of Meta’s business.

WhatsApp’s Business program was serving more than 200 million customers as of June this year, a four-fold increase from just three years prior. Get more Trends and fly in the Trending world.

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