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Alamgir Tareen, Brother of Jahangir Tareen, Commits Suicide

LAHORE: Alamgir Tareen, the brother of prominent political figure Jahangir Khan Tareen and CEO of Multan Sultans, reportedly committed suicide.

The shocking incident unfolded when Alamgir allegedly shot himself, leaving a wave of sorrow and disbelief among his acquaintances and the public, reported by Dawn News.

The news of Alamgir Khan Tareen’s demise was officially confirmed by the management of the Multan Sultans, a team competing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), through a heartfelt statement shared on their Twitter account. The team expressed deep sorrow over the loss, describing Alamgir as a special team owner and extending their condolences to his grieving family.

Alamgir Tareen, Brother of Jahangir Tareen Commits Suicide

Initial reports suggest that the late CEO left a note wherein he mentioned his illness as a possible motive for his tragic decision. However, close friends of Alamgir expressed their shock, revealing that they were unaware of any illness that he may have been battling. These conflicting accounts have added to the mystery surrounding his untimely death.

Alamgir Khan Tareen, aged 63, had been looking forward to a significant milestone in his personal life, as he was engaged and had plans to tie the knot in December. His sudden demise has left those close to him questioning the circumstances surrounding his tragic end.

As the news of Alamgir Tareen’s suicide reverberates through Lahore, the city mourns the loss of a prominent figure and contemplates the underlying factors that may have contributed to this devastating incident.

The investigations into his death are expected to shed light on the situation, providing closure to his grieving family and friends in this difficult time.

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