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Baidu’s AI Bot Ernie 3.5 and ChatGPT are both Language Models

Baidu, a Chinese multinational company, has entered the fierce competition for AI supremacy among tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The company claims that its latest AI chatbot, Ernie 3.5, surpasses OpenAI’s human-like bot, ChatGPT, in terms of performance.

On Tuesday, Baidu announced that Ernie 3.5, the newest iteration of its Ernie AI model, outperforms ChatGPT in total ability scores and even surpasses GPT-4 in several Chinese capabilities. Read more.

The AI race has become increasingly competitive ever since OpenAI, a startup backed by Microsoft, released its sophisticated chatbot capable of human-like language responses. This groundbreaking product posed a significant challenge to other tech giants, compelling them to join the race and integrate AI-powered products into their services.

Baidu AI bot Ernie 3.5 and ChatGPT are language models

Baidu referenced a test conducted by the Chinese newspaper China Science Daily, which used datasets including AGIEval and C-Eval. These benchmarks are employed to evaluate the performance of AI models.

Baidu’s announcement coincides with the global AI frenzy ignited by ChatGPT, which has also spread to China, prompting numerous domestic companies to announce their rival AI products.

In March, Baidu became the first major Chinese tech company to introduce an AI product to compete with ChatGPT, unveiling its language AI Ernie Bot. Based on Baidu’s older Ernie 3.0 AI model, Ernie Bot has undergone invite-only testing for the past three months.

Other prominent Chinese tech companies like Alibaba Group and Tencent have also developed AI models.

Baidu emphasizes that its new model exhibits improved training and inference efficiency, enabling faster and more cost-effective iterations in the future. The new model will also support external plugins, allowing Baidu’s AI to handle specific scenarios like summarizing lengthy texts and generating more accurate answers.

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