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Now You Can Convert Chatbot into a Life Coach

Welcome to another edition of Technology: AI provides valuable insights into artificial intelligence, functionality, and practical applications.

Our previous issue explored how AI can transform into a personal shopper to expedite product research. Today, let’s delve into a more ambitious endeavor and discover how AI can assist us in setting goals and organizing our lives to accomplish them.

Surprisingly, chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard excel at fulfilling these roles.

This article will explore leveraging a chatbot to create an action plan, cultivate new habits, and integrate your goals seamlessly into your calendar and to-do list.

To begin, select a goal you wish to pursue. Choosing a goal aligned with a self-help book offering relevant guidance is beneficial.

Next, consider the book’s recency, and opt for a chatbot like Open AI’s ChatGPT with web browsing capabilities enabled. Apply the following prompt, adapted from Golden Prompts by Get Top Trends, a database of ChatGPT prompts that have proven helpful to users:

“I would like you to assume the role of a life coach. I will provide you with details about my current situation and goals, and it will be your responsibility to devise strategies that can aid me in making better decisions and achieving these goals. This could involve advice on various topics, including devising success plans or coping with challenging emotions. My initial request is as follows: My goal for this autumn is to run a marathon. Develop a three-month plan utilizing the principles outlined in the Slow AF Run Club book.”

Convert Your Chatbot Into a Life Coach

ChatGPT can elucidate the underlying concepts of the book, emphasizing that individuals of any height or fitness level can train at their own pace to become runners. Furthermore, it can generate a training plan based on the book’s principles.

For instance, during the first month, the chatbot might recommend commencing four 30-minute weekly walks to acclimate to physical activity. In the second month, the emphasis shifts to maintaining this frequency while incorporating jogging. By the third month, the chatbot advises focusing primarily on jogging and gradually increasing the overall workout duration to 45 minutes.

The subsequent step involves transforming these recommendations into habitual practices. While it is possible to manually add these workouts to your calendar, why not make it more enjoyable? With ChatGPT, you can utilize a plugin automation tool called Zapier to connect the chatbot to your Google Calendar, enabling you to request the automatic addition of workout recommendations to your calendar.

To establish this connection, integrate Zapier with ChatGPT by accessing Zapier’s Open AI Actions menu and selecting “Add New Action.” Enter “Google Calendar: Quickly add an event” as the action, follow the necessary steps to connect your Google Calendar account, and activate the action.

Once this is completed, return to ChatGPT. Select the Zapier plugin and re-enter the prompt, asking the bot to function as your life coach. Now that the bot has devised the training schedule, type in “Add each workout to my calendar.”

The bot will examine the training plan and dutifully incorporate each session into your calendar, adhering to the guidelines outlined in the plan. As your runs progressively increase in duration, the calendar events will automatically adjust accordingly.

Refrain from managing tasks through to-do lists, as it is simpler. Inform your life coach that you will regularly share your to-do list, instructing them to include these workouts according to the suggested schedule.

With these intuitive techniques, you can transform your chatbot into an invaluable life coach, guiding you toward successfully realizing your goals. Embrace the power of AI to enhance your organization and self-improvement endeavors.

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