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BTS Member Suga Admits Being a Fan of Bollywood Films

In a recent live session, Suga, a member of the globally acclaimed BTS, candidly revealed his deep admiration for Bollywood films. Read the full story.

During the interactive session with his fans, his attention was drawn to the comments section, where he noticed the presence of India’s flag. Filled with affection for the country, Suga openly expressed his love for India and expressed his desire to perform live there.

Addressing his fans online, Suga joyfully exclaimed, “India, India! I’ve heard that we have many dedicated ARMYs supporting us from India. I want you all to know that I love Indian movies.” He expressed his fondness by stating, “I truly love Bollywood films.”

Additionally, Suga shared his aspirations of staging a performance in India. He revealed that plans were underway for a show in the country, but unfortunately, it had to be canceled due to the continued Corona Virus pandemic.

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BTS Member Suga a big Fan of Bollywood films

Reflecting on the missed opportunity, Suga added, “I wanted to go and perform in India. Before the tour dates were announced, we were exploring various locations for shows, and India was one of them. However, due to the circumstances surrounding COVID, we couldn’t arrange a performance.”

Suga, also known as Min Yoon-gi, has recently embarked on his solo music tour worldwide following the release of his solo album “D-Day” in April, as reported by Times Now.

His genuine appreciation for Bollywood films and his expressed desire to connect with Indian fans highlighted the global impact and reach of BTS, fostering cultural exchanges and shared enthusiasm among diverse audiences.

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