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Avatar 3 on Disney: Release Date, Plot and Everything

Disney has confirmed that Avatar 3 is set to release on December 20, 2024, continuing the epic sci-fi saga directed by James Cameron. Read more.

This instalment will be followed by Avatar 4 in December 2026 and Avatar 5 in December 2028, assuming no alterations to the release schedule.

Progress and Shooting Schedule

While a significant portion of Avatar 3 was filmed alongside Avatar: The Way of Water, work remains. Actress Zoe Saldaña revealed that they are approximately “70%” done with the movie, and they will return to complete it during the summer months before the anticipated 2024 release. This contrasts previous statements from James Cameron and producer Jon Landau, who provided varying estimates of the completion percentage.

Continuing Production and Sigourney Weaver’s Return

Production on Avatar 3 is expected to extend into 2024, with Sigourney Weaver confirming her involvement in January for additional shooting. While she mentioned that there might not be entirely new scenes, they will focus on capturing a few specific moments to enhance the overall film.

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Avatar 3 Release Date

Avatar 3 Plot: Exploring New Horizons

James Cameron has shared insights into the plot of Avatar 3, revealing that it will introduce a new group of Na’vi known as the “Ash People,” who are connected to the fire element on Pandora. The story will deviate from the previous films by showcasing a more complex portrayal of the Na’vi, including morally ambiguous characters while presenting a more positive side of humanity.

The Antagonist and Personal Threat

Cameron has disclosed that Avatar 3 will introduce a “new villain” from Pandora, who poses a more personal and intimate threat than the faceless military entity portrayed in the earlier movies. This indicates a shift in conflict dynamics and promises an intriguing exploration of the Pandora universe.


Avatar 3, slated for release in 2024, will continue James Cameron’s visionary saga, immersing audiences in new aspects of the Na’vi culture and the enchanting world of Pandora. As the production progresses and additional shooting takes place, fans eagerly await the opportunity to delve deeper into this mesmerizing universe and discover the fresh narrative dimensions and compelling characters that await them in the third instalment of the Avatar franchise.

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