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The Best Research Tools for Investors in 2023

Are you an investor and searching for research tools? You are at the right spot. So, let’s see what you need to know about these research tools and which is the best.

Investors require reliable research tools to make informed decisions. This article delves into the features and benefits of two prominent platforms, PitchBook and CB Insights, to help investors determine which aligns best with their requirements.

CB Insights: Product Overview

CB Insights is a research tool that offers a vast database containing detailed financials, industry trends, and news on hundreds of thousands of startups. It leverages AI-driven algorithms and proprietary analytics like Mosaic scores to assess the health of startups across various industries.

Users can search for companies based on specific criteria, enabling them to identify promising investment opportunities by using this research tool.

CB Insights is a research tool that is trusted by over 500 leading organizations, including renowned banks, corporations, and media outlets.

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Best Research Tool for Investors in 2023

PitchBook: Product Overview

PitchBook is a reaseach tool that provides investors with a comprehensive financial data, analysis, and insights suite. Its global database offers in-depth information on private companies, their operations, finances, and market trends.

PitchBook assists investors in identifying potential investments and discovering new opportunities. Its portfolio management tools allow users to track performance metrics over time, while advanced analytics offer valuable intelligence on alternative investments such as private equity and venture capital.

The platform serves over 19,000 firms worldwide, spanning hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and investment banks.


Choosing between PitchBook and CB Insights depends on individual needs and usage preferences. To make an informed decision, investors can leverage the support provided by both platforms’ customer service teams.

Assessing their accessibility and helpfulness can aid in selecting the ideal research tool. However, exploring additional options may be worthwhile if investors seek to stay ahead of emerging trends.

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