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Five Burnt Alive as Car Heading to Lahore Catches Fire in Accident

Lahore, Pakistan – A devastating accident near Hafizabad has claimed the lives of five men who were travelling from Sargodha to Lahore. The incident occurred on Wednesday, leaving a trail of sorrow and disbelief.

According to Dawn News from Hafizabad Rescue 1122, the ill-fated car carried five passengers on the M-2 Motorway near the Mini Rest Area Pindi Bhattian when tragedy struck. The automobile lost control while speeding down the highway, skidding off the road and colliding heavily into a tree.

The impact ruptured the car’s petrol tank, igniting a raging fire that quickly engulfed the vehicle. Tragically, all five occupants were burnt alive in the harrowing inferno.

Rescue teams were swiftly dispatched to the scene, bravely battling against the odds to save lives. However, their efforts were in vain, as the fire had already consumed the car and claimed the lives of the passengers.

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Lahore accident catches fire

The bodies were carefully transported to Hafizabad Tehsil Headquarters Hospital to undergo the identification process, a solemn task that adds to the already heavy heartache.

A rescue official shared that the deceased men hailed from Farooqa village in Sillanwali Tehsil, located within the Sargodha district. As authorities continue their investigations, they are diligently working to establish the entire identities of the victims, unravelling the intricate threads of this heart-rending incident.

The city of Lahore mourns the loss of these five lives, and the nation stands united in grief. This tragic accident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the fragility of our existence, urging all to cherish each moment and prioritize safety on the roads.

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