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New York City Under ‘Toxic Smog’ from Wildfire Smoke

New York City finds itself engulfed in an unprecedented cloud of dense smog resembling the atmospheric conditions on Mars as record-breaking levels of air pollution grip the metropolis.

Urgent advisories have been issued to residents, urging them to remain indoors, shielded from the toxic particles that have shrouded the city in an eerie orange haze reminiscent of an apocalyptic scene. Astounded by the fog’s otherworldly appearance, New Yorkers liken it to something extraterrestrial.

The smog plaguing New York City is attributed to the relentless wildfires ravaging parts of Canada. Authorities are steadfast in their call for people to stay inside and wear masks if venturing outdoors, as numerous individuals report difficulty breathing due to the suffocating smog. Read more.

Extending the air quality alert to a third consecutive day, authorities have raised a “Code Red” alarm as forecasted winds continue to propel the hazardous air further south.

Captivating video footage, shared on Twitter by the National Weather Service, documents the rapid deterioration of visibility within New York City. From an unmistakable skyline at 11 am local time, the visual transformation unfolds within three hours, with the smoke thickening to engulf the skyscrapers in a hazy orange blur.

The National Weather Service, astonished by the spectacle, describes the situation as nearly inconceivable.

Mayor Eric Adams confirms that the air pollution index has reached a hazardous level of 484, the worst recorded since the 1960s.

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New York City under toxic smog

In ordinary circumstances, New York City registers an air index of approximately 100. This dangerous and noxious haze from wildfires blazing across Quebec and Nova Scotia has blanketed vast areas of the United States and Canada, adversely impacting millions of individuals and setting new records for air pollution levels.

The wildfires in Canada have caused more than 400 fires, leading to the displacement of 20,000 people. As a portion of the Air Quality Index, the ongoing code red alerts signify the severity of the situation.

The AQI employs a colour-coded system on a 500-point scale, with green indicating healthy air and higher levels, such as red, purple, and maroon, indicating hazardous and highly unhealthy conditions. With New York City’s air quality currently classified as purple, the region is in a hazardous state.

Meteorologist Bryan Ramsey from the US National Weather Service explains that the weather systems responsible for carrying the smoke from Canada to the United States—a low-pressure system over Maine and Nova Scotia—are expected to persist for several days, prolonging the smog’s presence over New York City and its environs.

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