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ChatGPT is being Sued in United States Court for AI Copyright

Open AI, the San Francisco-based company behind ChatGPT, is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit in the United States.

Comedian Sarah Silverman and two other authors have taken legal action against Open AI, alleging that the company unlawfully used their works to train their artificial intelligence models. This lawsuit adds to a growing number of legal challenges that could impede the advancement of this burgeoning technology, reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The plaintiffs have sued not only Open AI but also Meta, the parent company of Facebook. They claim that Meta’s lesser-known open-source models have utilized unauthorized downloads of their books for training.

The authors argue that Open AI and Meta duplicated their copyrighted works without obtaining consent, acknowledgment, or making any payment, as stated in a blog post released by their attorneys.

This legal battle highlights the contentious issue of intellectual property rights in AI development.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and play a more significant role in various industries, it raises complex questions about ownership and fair use of copyrighted materials.

The outcome of this lawsuit may have far-reaching implications for the future of AI and its relationship with creative works.

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