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Elon Musk Announces Big News for Twitter X Users

Elon Musk, the well-known South African-born American businessman, who now controls the rebranded Twitter, known as X, has revealed a significant development for X users.

Since taking over Twitter X, Musk has introduced various features and significant changes to retain and grow the user base.

While some updates have been well-received, others have sparked dissatisfaction among users who feel uncertain about the direction Musk is taking the platform, which was initially founded by Jack Dorsey, now the CEO of Square.

In this latest announcement, Musk declared that X would support users facing unfair treatment from their employers due to their posts or likes on the platform. He assured users that the company would cover all legal expenses for such cases without any restrictions.

Elon musk announcement for Twitter X users

Musk stated on X: “If your employer unfairly treated you due to posting or liking something on this platform, we would fund your legal bill.” He encouraged users to reach out to the company, emphasizing that there is no limit to the support they would receive.

The business magnate clarified that X wouldn’t simply file lawsuits but would do so assertively, going after the companies’ boards of directors as necessary. The aim is to address issues of unfair treatment and draw attention to problematic behaviors within the United States.

Musk also mentioned that X’s user base recently hit a “new high” of over 540 million monthly users. However, the company has been undergoing organizational changes and a decline in advertising revenue, prompting efforts to strengthen its revenue streams.

Last month, Musk rebranded Twitter as X, complete with a new logo and a focus on transforming it into an “everything app.” This transformation marks a significant shift for the platform, which had maintained its iconic blue bird logo for 17 years until the new administration at the social media giant decided to discard it.

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