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Elon Musk has Officially Changed the Twitter Logo

Recently, Twitter has significantly changed its brand identity, bidding farewell to its iconic bird logo and embracing the letter ‘X’ as its new official logo.

Elon Musk officially announced this transition over the weekend, which has already been implemented on the website that the Twitter logo will be X.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, shared on his Twitter account that now redirects to However, he referred to this new logo as an “interim” design, indicating that there might be further logo changes.

Not only is the logo transforming, but Musk also hinted at the possibility of eventually moving away from the entire Twitter brand and eliminating the bird imagery. The CEO changed his profile picture to the new X logo, and Twitter’s official account, @Twitter, has also adopted the X logo as its new identity.

In response to a user, Musk suggested referring to Tweets as “x’s,” further reinforcing the adoption of the ‘X’ symbolism throughout the platform.

Musk’s fondness for the letter ‘X’ is well-documented, with several of his ventures bearing the same initial. He previously founded, which later became PayPal, and his space exploration company SpaceX also features the ‘X’ logo.

Twitter logo changed to X

More recently, Musk established an AI company called In April, Twitter underwent a name change from Twitter Inc. to X Corp after Musk assumed control of the social network.

The CEO has repeatedly spoken about his vision of turning Twitter into an “X, the everything app,” suggesting a broader range of functionalities.

This isn’t the first time Musk has played with Twitter’s logo. Earlier this year, he briefly replaced the logo with the Doge meme. A developer even created an extension to revert the logo to the bird, and it appears the same extension now works for the new “X” logo.

Interestingly, Twitter didn’t originally sport the bird logo during its early years. In 2010, the company officially adopted the recognizable logo “Larry the Bird,” named after the renowned Boston Celtics basketball player Larry Bird.

Twitter’s decision to rebrand coincides with Musk’s acknowledgement of its financial challenges, attributing its negative cash flow to a substantial drop in advertising revenue and a heavy debt.

With Musk’s ambitious plans and vision for X, the platform is expected to evolve significantly, focusing on audio, video, messaging, payment/banking features, and potentially becoming a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

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