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Inter Miami vs Toronto: Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba Leave the Game

After recently returning, Lionel Messi was forced to leave the game between Inter Miami vs Toronto due to what appeared to be an injury.

  • Messi sustains harm
  • Alba was also ejected
  • Inter Miami’s cup final is in a week.

Inter Miami vs Toronto Highlights

Inter Miami vs Toronto

In Inter Miami’s 4-0 victory over Toronto FC, Messi played for just 37 minutes before taking off the captain’s armband and making his way to the sidelines, where Robert Taylor took his place.

After missing the previous two weeks due to international service and an injury sustained against Ecuador, Messi had just recently returned to the starting lineup.

Although Lionel Messi was the only player to lose in the first half, Jordi Alba also left the game three minutes earlier due to an injury.

The bigger picture: With Inter Miami facing Toronto FC Cincinnati in the U.S. Open Cup final on September 27, Messi’s injury may end the season for the team. Any extended Messi absence would likely put the Herons, who are also fighting for an impossible playoff position, out of contention for the season.

The team competed without Lionel Messi against Atlanta United last weekend, but without their top forward, they were trounced 5-1.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MIAMI? Inter Miami will host Orlando City, a rival, this weekend. To be updated with Inter Miami, keep visiting Get Top Trends.

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