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Lock your WhatsApp Chat with a New Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp made an exciting announcement today, introducing a brand-new feature called “Chat Lock” that aims to provide users with an added layer of security for their most private conversations.

This feature allows you to lock specific WhatsApp chats, moving them out of your inbox and into a dedicated folder that can only be accessed using your device password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint. Read how to lock chats.

When you lock a chat, WhatsApp automatically hides the chat’s contents in notifications, ensuring that your sensitive messages remain discreet. To lock a chat, simply tap on the name of an individual or group chat and select the lock option. Do not forget to read a new voice note feature on WhatsApp.

To reveal these locked chats, you must slowly pull down your inbox and enter your phone password or provide biometric authentication.

WhatsApp believes this feature will be handy for individuals who occasionally share their phones with family members or when someone else briefly holds their phone just as an essential chat arrives.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature?

The introduction of this feature follows WhatsApp’s recent updates focused on enhancing user experiences. These updates introduced features like single-vote polls, where participants can only vote once, and the ability to forward media with captions.

To lock a WhatsApp chat, follow these simple steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat you want to lock.

2. Tap on the conversation name to access the chat info screen.

3. Scroll down and select the “Chat lock” option.

4. Enable the “Lock this chat with fingerprint” toggle.

5. Confirm your identity by scanning your fingerprint or face or entering your phone’s unlock PIN or password.

6. A prompt will appear, confirming the chat is locked.

WhatsApp new chat lock feature

With the introduction of Chat Lock, WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy and security, empowering users to have greater control over their conversations within the app.

The company, owned by Meta, plans to expand Chat Lock’s capabilities by introducing additional options. This includes enabling lock features for companion devices and allowing users to create custom passwords for their chats. It provides the flexibility to use a unique password separate from their phone’s unlock code.

While WhatsApp already offers end-to-end encryption for its messages, this encryption does not apply when someone gains unlocked access to your phone and can freely read your messages. The new Chat Lock feature adds an extra layer of security in such instances, safeguarding your conversations.

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